Numbers all ported out but still getting charged

  • 20 September 2023
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I sold my business and the new owner ported out all numbers in late June.  I was charged again for August and paid the bill, despite not having access to the bill since it’s only available on  My login was disabled.  Calling the support line, I don’t have my PIN, in the past, they always texted a code to my phone, but since that phone is no longer on TMobile, this isn’t possible. 

So, the phone reps can’t access my account.  Was told to go to a store and called again with a phone store rep, but the agent on the phone still couldn’t access my account.  After about an hour I left.  I challenged the September charge on my credit card. 

This week, I received a letter indicating that the September bill hasn’t been paid, presumably before going to collections.  Not sure why I received the letter, since it was charged to my credit card (and disputed).

Very frustrating that it seems I am still getting billed by TMobile yet no one can access my account to tell me if my account is still active and why I am still getting billed.

How can I get help???

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did you sign over the TMO account as well? if not then all your info is in there and not might opt to contact your business TMO rep to see what needs to happen. if they do it the same way as normal accounts then you would need to contact TMO and do a change of ownership of the account..once thats done and they clear the new owner then all your info should be out of the system.