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  • 24 July 2023
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I recently “upgraded” from my OnePlus (veteran) plan to the Go5GPlus plan and my service is still terrible. I additionally lost previous capabilities I had with my original plan. Not only has my bill gone up but service has not improved. How to I revert my plan back? The 5G network is no faster than the throttled 4G I had previously. 

While on the phone with customer service to upgrade my plan I also wanted to upgrade my phone. The phone was processed 12 July 2023. I have not received the phone or any delivery updates. 

It was not made clear the amount the phone bill would increase or the capabilities that would be lost (e.i. $4.99 FAMILY Netflix). 


Lastly, I am being prompted to return my trade-in. I have not received the phone, yet the 30 day timer is counting down. 


I am disappointed and would like to be contacted immediately on options for terminating the plan or remediating the situation. 

1 reply

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Unfortunately this is basically a user to user forum with some tmobile moderation that don't have account access so you need to contact Tmobile by phone or using messenger on Tmobile's Facebook or Twitter (nee X) account.