Apple TV - Not working

  • 8 November 2023
  • 10 replies


I am not able to use Apple TV On-Us even though it says I am active on my account.  I had customer service people helping me on two different occasions and they all said I should wait 24 hours for a special link to be sent and will call me to make sure all that crap but still not resolved.  


Anybody else had similar problems or know how to get it easily resolved?

10 replies

Been having the same problem, trying to sign into my Apple TV On-Us though my T-Mobile account says, under manage add-ons, Apple TV “active.”  Told the same, to wait 24 hrs, that while “active” not fully activated!?  It’s been 2 weeks!  I’m on a verification code carousel re ID, password trying to sign into Apple TV!  Beyond frustrating.

Yeah, I just tried to log in after not using Apple TV for a while. It’s not working for me. It says I have Apple TV under ad ons, but when I look on apple it says I don’t have apple+…

I have had this problem for months.

selling a plan with Add-ons that are never delivered. 

I don’t have any issues on my phone, but trying to access Apple TV Plus on my computer/through their website is not available. Their site still tells me to sign up for a free trial even though my Apple TV account settings also list the “ON US” promotion from T-Mobile… So I’m guessing this is only active for the phone app, which is kinda crappy.

Same here. Been talking to customer care for months and now they have transferred me and I am on hold waiting for apple care

same problem. Have magenta Max and Apple+ doesn't work even though account says it’s active. So annoying. When opening Apple TV, it says to purchase it. But then the website login says that it’s included and active. They have to get their *hit fixed.

I get the spinning circle of death when I follow TMs instructions. I can log into my Apple TV, but the plus won’t connect. I suspect that the fault is that Apple APIs are not setup correctly to accept the request ergo 500 status error because the API Key is incorrect.

Sounds like a class action suite.


This just happened to me. AppleTV+ was working fine on my AppleTV and then today it didn’t recognize my subscription and wanted me to sign up for a trial account. Here’s how I ended up resolving the issue. 

On AppleTV go to settings > users and accounts > default user > manage subscriptions > sign in with Apple ID (I used the sign in with Apple device option). 

This seemed to reactivate my subscription on AppleTV and everything was restored.  Good luck!  




YES! Same here! I recently changed to the plan that includes Apple TV + and Netflix and it doesn’t work. I have called and called about it and they send me to IT support to open a ticket and that person told me i can “rest assured” it would be fixed. Well it has not. I’m going to have to call them daily it seems.


hey T-mobile!  Where is the help to fix this?