Trying to activate addons (Netflix, Apple TV) but "Looks like we got our wires crossed"

  • 13 June 2023
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Trying to activate addons (Netflix, Apple TV) but "Looks like we got our wires crossed" constantly comes up.  I’ve tried from my computer, my cellphone, incognito sessions, everything.

8 replies

Same problem here despite many, many attempts over the last month.  Same “wires crossed” error message regardless of attempt on website, phone, link sent from TMobile phone agent.  Have opened trouble tickets, have ticket that is now 17 days old, apparrently still open with no resolution.  

same problem same error message how hard could this be to get a streaming service activated?

Ricky Jones

Can't connect free netflix

Was this ever resolved? I just signed up with T-Mobile, had someone say that would be getting back to me the next day (last week) and have not heard anything. I was told that they have been having a lot of issues recently with this, but looks like it’s an ongoing problem… ???

Any resolution to this? I’m currently having the same issue and support is being useless

No resolution, I was told that Netflix is not on board with the agreement, “they are still working through it.” Was given a small credit to my account to cover that cost of Netflix for 3 months. Had to reopen my previous NF account. Was able to open apple+ because I bought a new phone…. It’s only free for 3 months. 

Yep. Just got off the phone with support. If you have a company discount you apparently don't get any perks with your account. Seems like false advertising. I got them to revert my account back to my old plan but will probably be taking my business elsewhere 

Same. Extremely false advertising.