Why does the $6.99 for Apple TV+ show up on my add on charges when I signed up for the FREE Apple TV+ promo?

  • 12 August 2023
  • 3 replies


I was sent the email for the Apple TV+ On us promo and successfully got it my subscription switched from Apple to T-Mobile but when I checked my account, T-Mobile is listing a charge of $6.99 instead of having it listed as “On Us”.

As far as I can tell I qualify for the promo, if I do not I wish T-mobile would have not sent me the offer and/or let me know before switching my subscription to them, I’d rather do Apple one if I have to pay.

3 replies

I have the same question.  

If it's "ON US" why is anyone being charged?!? 

I just noticed that I am being  “charged” for Netflix.   What is the deal here?

They make all the extras sound so good. Netflix, Hulu and Apple TV just to get you to spend more money on the right plan. I even got a gift card for $250 for Costco and I clicked on the link and it disappeared! Can't find the message they sent it in either. Strange, right?