Kids syncup won't turn on


Suddenly, my son's Kids syncup won't turn on despite charging for hours watch is a 3 months old. I cleaned the charging pins and tried a different charging cable, but it didn't work. Can you exchange this watch?

Thank you.

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Sorry you are having an issue. Could you please try charging at a different power outlet? If that still doesn’t resolve it please do exchange it. 

SyncUP KIDS Watch Team



Yes, I have already tried several other outlets and other charging cables, of course, but the Display Screen does not turn on at all and the Power Button does not work.

Do you need something information of the Watch?


Thanks for sharing the additional information. Checking on the backend. Will share once we learn what we find. 


Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Please do exchange the watch. We will need to investigate it physically. 

Thanks so much.




How can I exchange the watch? Do you send me New Watch with Return Label for current defective watch return?

Another thing you could try is press and hold the power button for 15-20 seconds. If that watch resets then you should be good, if not please exchange. To exchange please call T-Mobile CARE or at a retail store.


I already tried to push and hold button for 20sec but it doesn’t turn on.

For this defective watch, is the exchange free of charge?

This looks like it falls under warranty exchange if there is no damage. You could ask the Care rep to waive any fees. Thank you for being supportive and sharing information.



Understood. Thank you.

This has happened to my daughters watch and we were told that a new charging station was needed and that this part is not included in the warranty.

This has happened to my daughters watch and we were told that a new charging station was needed and that this part is not included in the warranty.

We apologize for that experience. We are investigating this issue. We recommend requesting a warranty exchange for the watch if your watch when on the charging dock does not charge or start. Even if you try different plugs. All the intelligence is in the watch. You can share you got this recommendation from the SyncUP KIDS Watch team. Please let us know if that does not resolve your issue. Sorry again about this.

My sons watch as well won’t turn on and because he has a scratch on the screen the store will not honor the warranty. I called T-Mobile and they sent a new watch over to the store when I went to pick it up the store will not give me the watch because of the scratch on the screen. This is nonsense. As a T-Mobile member for over 14 years this is unacceptable. They told me to add another line and get a new watch from the promotion and then after 3 months cancel the one I have. Which would be fine however if I cancel the watch I will have to pay it off in full. What’s the point ! I am out a watch and paying for service I can’t use. Disappointed at T mobile and how they treat their costumers. There is a software issue with the watch and T-Mobile won’t take it back because of a scratch. Meanwhile when I bought the watch I thought I purchased the insurance but the agent never added it. Somehow that’s my fault too. 

I have the same issue with my daughter’s SyncUP watch. Every 3 months the watch stop working I needs to be replaced. First was showing me a “start” screen every single time after charging. But now Doesn’t turn on at all.  But now because I replaced it few times I have to pay $20. 

My son's watch screen won't turn on (remains black). I have no damage to the screen and the app says that the watch is charged to 82%. 

I held the power button down for 15-20 seconds and still no change

My daughter’s watch has issues too. A start screen appears saying to press volume button for this or power button fir thus and there is only ONE button.  lol  Makes no sense.  Taking it to the store to see what they say.


our 9 year old son dropped the original sync watch yesterday and the screen cracked. The watch will not turn on. tmobile store said they wouldn’t replace it or contribute money to replacing it. TMobile, listen, these are kids wearing an expensive device. This product was made by TMobile. I’m sure this gadget is cheap to produce especially if you are the manufacture.. Why do you not have more affordable insurance or warranty coverage for a kids device? I’m sure we could easily send this device in and you could easily repair with a low cost. The store said insurance would be $12 a month on this kids watch if we bought it new. After a year, that’s $144 spent for a cheap plastic watch. do you want to keep a faithful tmobile customer or not? You need better coverage for a KID device where KIDS make stupid decisions and the product is made by Tmobile. this is insane.

This seems to be an ongoing issue. I have to wonder if T-mobile is knowingly selling these faulty watches to force customers to pay a few more bucks a month. I got this watch for my daughter. 3 months after she got it the watch got stuck on the T-mobile logo. It would not turn off unless the battery died and it would not go past that logo. Knowing the sales associate and I talked about the insurance and I clearly said I want the insurance, this watch is for a 6 yr old, low and behold. I was informed it was never added. I contacted T-mobile and was told since there isn’t insurance on there I’m just out of luck and stuck paying for a watch line that they know I am unable to use because the watch will not function. There is no external damage to it. I did a hard reset and now it is stuck at the screen that says it is preparing for an update, do not remove from the charger. It has been on that same screen for two hours now.