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  • 23 September 2017
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I am an employee of T-mobile. I purchased the sync up drive for my own personal use. During the 2nd week, it kept telling me that my battery was low, and failing. A couple of days later I had to have my alternator replaced which cost me $450.00.

Since my issue, i have come across other customers that have returned this device.One customer said she was getting the same battery failing message. Another customer returned her device after she too,had to get her alternator replaced. By no means am I saying the sync up drive is causing this. But I am suggesting that there may be a correlation between these battery issues and the sync up drive device. How do I look into this?


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28 replies

I had a 1.5 year old battery on my Buick Enclave when I started using SyncUp drive. After few weeks I found my car battery dead in the morning. I jump started it. After few weeks it happened again, but this time i could not revive the battery, and the roadside assistance guy tested it and said it w discharged beyond the level it could be brought back to life.

I got a new battery installed 6 months ago. Since then I called the roadside assistance at least 3 times for them to jumpstart my new battery.

I am fed up with this. 10 minutes ago I called T-Mobile and got my SyncUp Drive line disconnected.

I'm having the same issues after several months having it installed.  I also have exterior and interior lights coming on and off randomly with Noone near the vehicle.   Two days in a row with critical battery warning.  I've unplugged the device and intend to return it and cancel the extra line charge.  My mechanic is positive it's this device.  All systems check out fine with the device removed.  I noticed that these low battery warnings have also been associated with fantom headlight and interior lights on when I go out to check on it.  Phantom light activation stopped upon removing the device.  This device needs to be recalled as unfit for its purpose!

So this did drain my battery but I didn't think about it being tmobile so I bought a new battery and in less then a week it drained it again but this time it happened while I was at walmart but they were closing and I didn't have my receipt so I needed to buy another one. No this didnt work. it's interesting I told T-Mobile about this and told them what I had read on here but I didn't read the 2 or 3 or 5 pages of people saying the exact same thing I only read the 1st one where the employee of T-Mobile had said he had paid over $650, and get this,  within 1 minute they had put  $650 into my account And I said get that money out of my account you sleazy oh I was so mad but they wouldn't take the money out they continue to say it wasn't their product that did this I continued to thank them over and over for the beautiful gift they gave me but their device was still screwing up my vehicle and I needed them to fix it because Take it out didn't help my batteries both of them both brand new batteries kept dying so it had to have something to do with the brain in your vehicle since that's what you're plugging that device into I don't know how they work I don't know why it would do that all I know is I didn't have any issues before I put that into my vehicle and had it Till I realize and read these articles that it was the T-Mobile device and pulled it out unfortunately it was too late because I had that device telling me day-and-night that my battery is going dead, but they never said that there sorry for screwing up you truck. so anyway I've been fighting with them ever since they tried to tell me that they don't have to do anything and that there's Nothing else to discuss and I said fine I will join the other 10s of millions however many people realize that put that device in their car they're gonna be screwed and we'll just take them to court.  when it starts malfunctioning on them. Anyway I thought I'd let you know that I also had this problem and it's costed me close to a $1000 now and to this day I still have those two batteries cause they wouldn't let me return the one and the other 1 they said there's nothing wrong with it so there's no reason to return it and I now to this day still jump my truck every time I get into it because it doesn't have a charge on it no I don't have the device in my vehicle anymore But they did make me pay for it for about 8 months I paid for the device to get with what $4 a month and I paid for it for what a month while it wasn't activated while I didn't have any purpose for it they wouldn't take it back which I wouldn't give it to him anyway in case there was a court hearing and they want to send it in and have a tested I'd be willing to let him test mine because I know mine's junk. They even sent me a new one even though I told them don't send me 1 because it's not going in my vehicle they sent it anyway and then charged me not only for the order but then they charged me for restocking fee when I returned it this is how my amounts have gone up so high because of the idiocy of these people that call themselves experts And come to find out that the only people that work at T-Mobile are the So called experts at the call centers and the supervisors of those still called experts at the call center there's nobody else I've called corporate I've called everybody I could think of I would love to have a sit down with somebody that's higher up and have them look at my account Step-by-step day-by-day from day one since they've lied to me since then and ever since then I've been lied 2 more times than you can believe and here I sit right now I'm on disability with no data no home Internet I pay for a bulk but they don't care they just keep saying Well let me see what I can do to fix that for you every time I call and every time I call I tell them they can't fix it and quit lying like the kid and just answer my question are they gonna fix it and they always tell me it will be fixed shortly well I talked to the person at the top of the Internet home tech support and they said No not till they put fiber optics in that pool it's over congested and you're never gonna get any type of speed until they fix it and there's not gonna fix it. yet every single employee tells me it'll be fixed very very shortly within days I mean they keep telling me within days so if you're trying to get anything out of them at the call centers you won't get it and you won't get anybody else above the call center because there is nobody So if anybody's got any addvice for me I would love some cause they will just continue to lie. I hate tmobile and if I could leave today I would.