SynchUp Watch not charging

  • 26 May 2023
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My child’s watch charges perfectly fine some nights, other nights it dies while on the charger all night. Wake up and battery is at 5% or something ridiculous. Super annoying. Defeats the whole purpose of having it when it is unusable. If you reset the watch while leaving it on the charging cradle it will begin to charge just fine after the reset. Just a quirk that really stinks when you don’t catch it. Anybody else experience this intermittent charging issue. It seems to be pretty regular lately.

2 replies

Yes. And if you unplug the charger and plug it back in it starts charging again. And it drives me nuts. 

Same problem here.  I tried a known-good cable and charger and it didn’t work any better. The problem with mine seems related to the connectors on the dock. Gotta get it just right otherwise it doesnt charge…. and even if it does charge, it never gets past 98%