SynchUp Watch not charging

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My child’s watch charges perfectly fine some nights, other nights it dies while on the charger all night. Wake up and battery is at 5% or something ridiculous. Super annoying. Defeats the whole purpose of having it when it is unusable. If you reset the watch while leaving it on the charging cradle it will begin to charge just fine after the reset. Just a quirk that really stinks when you don’t catch it. Anybody else experience this intermittent charging issue. It seems to be pretty regular lately.

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Yes. And if you unplug the charger and plug it back in it starts charging again. And it drives me nuts. 

Same problem here.  I tried a known-good cable and charger and it didn’t work any better. The problem with mine seems related to the connectors on the dock. Gotta get it just right otherwise it doesnt charge…. and even if it does charge, it never gets past 98%

Same issue.  Trying to figure out if it’s the charging base or watch or usb connector.   I’ve cleaned around the 4 watch connection metalic pads with a toothpick.   I’ve also noticed that on the charging base the pin on the  bottom (of 4) is higher than the rest.   Not sure if that’s causing the other pins not to make good contact.   Anyone else have this higher bottom pin?  It’s worked fine for 1 year and in the last few weeks the charging is unreliable.   T-Mobile is not dealing with it since it’s out of warranty.   A lot of money for a watch lasting only 12 months.  

Came here with the same issue.  Watch doesn’t seem to want to charge.  I will try resetting the watch (not sure if you can without a charge) but hopefully that will fix it and there is an update or something in the future that will address this issue.

@dlopez24 I took a gamble and ordered an aftermarket base from amazon and now the watch charges fine.  The cost was about $12. 

@dlopez24 I checked my order history on Amazon, its this one….



@dlopez24 I checked my order history on Amazon, its this one….


 Much appreciated. I'll give that a shot.


I had the same issue but ours would go weeks without turning on. Called it in and they swapped it under manufacturer warranty 

I had a similar issue. Mine was charging, but would die almost immediately. I called and did a warranty replacement, but the replacement was defective and would not pair with the app. So, they ordered another replacement, and this one isn't pairing either. It's been an absolute nightmare. 

I have the exact same issue. I got a replacement under warranty and it also has the same issue.


Super frustrating to wake up in the morning with a watch that has no charge, after sitting on the charger all night.


Has T-Mobile acknowledged this is an issue?

Same issue, watch has been on the charger for 3 days and the battery is so dead it won’t turn on. I can get it on for a moment just to see it’s dead. I bought two, one for both of my sons and one works great, the other in defective :(

Anybody else trying aftermarket charging base to see if that helped? I'm having the same issue and that seems to be potentially the simplest resolution.