SyncUp Device Unable to Use Existing Email Address


I have had three SyncUp devices since before T-Mobile merged with Sprint.  Sprint licensed the technology from Mojio, which is when we started using the OBD devices.  One of our three vehicles is a 2017 Prius, and the original OBD device quit working.  When exchanging it at our local T-Mobile store, the latest generation device required us to install the latest phone application as well; however, when entering our email address to register the device, an alert stated “This email address has been blocked.” Calling technical support, I was advised to use a second email address to set up the new device, so I used my work email address.  When I went to review the trip data from the application, it required me to log in with my (no longer valid) email address.  Contacting technical support (again), they advised uninstalling and reinstalling the application.  After doing so, when scanning the OBD barcode, and alert states this IMEI is already in use.  I have at least two tickets from technical support and everyone seems flummoxed by the situation.  How difficult is it to simply change my email address and merge the IMEI with my earlier account?  


Please advise.

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