SyncUP GPS not working

  • 29 August 2022
  • 4 replies


The app is still saying my child is at the bus stop. I went (twice last week) to check to see if the watch fell off. Nope. Thought this watch would be a great idea to keep track of my child, but it doesn’t show their correct location even after starting the “live tracking.”  I love T-mobile for phone service, but this is the second product (the first being the abysmal internet service that I only kept for one month) that relies on their cellular network that has completely failed. We got the watch “free” from a promotion, but I would happily pay the amount to get rid of this anxiety caused by this watch. If you really want to keep track of your child’s location, find something that works, not this.  

4 replies

I had the same problem today. App shows that my kid is still at the school bus stop half an hour after school already started, even in live tracking mode, which freaked me out. Text my kid and he said he is at school with the watch on him. Almost an hour later, his location finally updated. 


I have the Syncup tracker for my 8 yr old granddaughter’s backpack and having the same issue. Today it showed her bus was still around 7 blocks away when her bus had actually already dropped her off around the corner from my house! I’m going to look into getting something else because this one just isn’t reliable and lags too much when updating her location.

I have a different GPS issue.  Anyone else have their kid's watch's GPS suddenly jump to another location far away for a while and then come back?  I'll get a notification that my son is outside school, and he'll be at this same law office like 20 miles away.  Eventually I'll get a notification he's in school again.  It's really weird, and always the same location.  

GPS isn't working on my son's watch right now either.  I had to do a factory reset on his watch yesterday, because it wasn't allowing me to view his profile at all anymore.   No wonder this watch was "free".  I'm tempted to go back to Verizon just so I can have the gizmo watch again.  Fix this, T-Mobile!  It's an embarrassment.