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Is anyone having issues with the SyncUp Kids Watch 1.5, that is a Sprint customer? I just got my watch today and when I go the app, I created a TMobile ID using my email. When I go to pair the watch, it says “Watch has wrong rate plan. Please contact Customer Care and let our team know your watch has an invalid rate plan.” 

I have the Unlimited Watch Plan for $15/month. When I called Customer service they switched the plan to the other one, 500mb plan, and it still wasn’t working.

We’ve restarted the watch multiple times, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I spent hours on the phone with customer service as well the chat sessions. No one has been able to help. They say they have never had this issue, I know that this is the newer version of the watch. Hoping someone is able to help! I’m stuck.


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Very strange. We are still sprint and on my sprint account the line says kids syncup watch and still wasn’t working. Maybe they fixed something else since then.

I can confirm what a couple of people have already said, the plan is wrong from the sprint side. go to sprint chat support and raise the question. It took about 10 minutes for it to load and get up but once they changed the plan to the syncup plan its working . Don’t call tmobile I don’t think they can help.