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  • 24 November 2022
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How do I set up a new email for t mobile. I have a at and t email, but I’m fixing to cancel that service.I need email for work.

2 replies

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According to this thread Tmobile doesn't offer one.


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You can always establish a google mail account or a yahoo email account. Gmail is one of the more popular ones it seems. If you have a Microsoft client and account you could use a MS email account online. If you have Apple devices then an iCloud email account is an option. It really comes down to personal preference to some degree. 

It is common that traditional internet service providers offer email services with the internet service. I have found it best to not tie too much of my needs on any one source. When you change from one ISP to another then you are forced to migrate to another solution. Setting up a Gmail account or some other free service prevents that problem.