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  • 2 July 2022
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This is a public service announcement regarding T-Mobile’s 5G home internet service.

We have just set up our new 5G service, and it works much better than our old wired service from our previous internet service provider. That is not the issue. The issue is that we plan to cancel that previous account, which means we will no longer have email service through them. So we need new email addresses.

After 20 minutes on hold and speaking with people with heavy foreign accents who did not seem to understand what I was asking for, I finally got a straight answer:



If you switch to T-Mobile 5G home internet service and cancel your old ISP, you will need to make some other email account into your primary email account.

Hopefully this message will save some people a lot of frustration while trying to get full ISP service, and sitting on hold just to speak to someone with a barely-understandable accent who will try to explain that they will delete your email contact information for you.

Best of luck!


6 replies

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Thanks for confirming. TMO also does not provide any anti-virus software like some ISPs do.


I hope it helps someone to avoid the lengthy frustration that some people are experiencing over this issue. I’m also hoping that T-Mobile will step up and provide these services that people have come to expect from their ISP instead of the lean-and-cheap service that is becoming the norm, because otherwise that’s just sad. I can imagine that when the next big 5G provider announces full service, there will be a flood of customers bailing out of TMO and leaving us with spotty service again. 😠😒

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I just opened a Cox account a year ago and they didn't offer me a email account from their domain like Comcast did when I had them in Illinois which btw I still have that email account even though I haven't had an active account in over 3 years .


I may have a few old accounts that still get email as well. From what I’ve seen, they don’t bother to delete access to closed accounts most of the time.

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Comcast told me I can keep it but if the mailbox is not used in a certain amount of time it will be deleted so I set up to get certain store emails sent to the account.


So, what can I do. I do t want to keep AT&T just to have a email account.