Home internet modem keeps powering down and restarting

  • 31 October 2022
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So, we had the Tmobile modem(the 5g tower... black box) for a few weeks now... worked great at first but now it continues  to shut down every few minutes and restart. If it does it long enough I have to completely redo the setup on the app. Has anyone ever had this happen?


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61 replies

What's really weird is I had the Nokia gateway for two plus years with zero issues besides if network was down. I switched to sagecom 5866 and now have zero issues for over 2 weeks. Was told by tech support Nokia gateway had reboot /firmware issues pending Nokia to push them through. Had to call twice to get gateway replaced at local store cause call center would only send me what I was sending back(Nokia). Cx service call ed store because previous call history to reach out to local store for swap)Got 2 replacement Nokia gateways once it installed new firmware automatically same prob(1-2 hours) Now no issues and 4/5 bars as opposed to 3. Each 3 gateways they offer are better for certain geo locations. Just my experience 

Sagecom device is better for my area if you have the silver cylinder (Nokia) switch it to the other 2 options. You have to probably call to get replacement , they couldn't send out other options for sure. I work from home and told them I need to go to store to exchange for other style box since this is how I support my family. Work from home. Rep set it up and exchanged box for different brand waived activation fee and I'm up and running. Different brand boxes might work better in your area


In my opinion could be wrong the issue of reboot with Nokia (grey/silver cylinder) was due to overheating. It would get hot. Seen people wire USB c fans to the top to draw heat away. But sagecom unit seems to stay to cool


This is speeds with sagecomm gateway 4/5 bars in my area

On these cell metrics. With my

Nokia gateway before sagecomm my sinr was 4 or blank. 

The gateway worked great for the first two days but now it just shuts off and stays off without any warning. This seems to be a common complaint, has anyone had good luck with these? 

Yeah, I have been a T-mobile customer since 2004. I have been dealing with this for about a 6-8 months. The best solution is to change services to a company that has dedicated support to both the service AND hardware. T-mobile cannot fix this because they have nothing to do with the elements of the hardware to understand where the issue is. I company that is actively investigating an issue with hardware would have specialist that would also be able to diagnose an ongoing issue. T-mobile does not. T-mobile will take your money and make you deal with the headache. I’d advise to stop giving them money for the internet.


I will never recommend T-mobile to anyone ever again because of how stupid they treat me, and how much I have literally lost in funds because I work using the internet. My job and my company’s work is impossible to complete without constantly running internet system. The amount of issues I have had is more than I have had in almost 20 years of phone service. I’m leaving t-mobile. Bundle anywhere else there is a dedicated hardware team, not random phone people from any random place that have no clue what’s going on.


Right now, T-mobile’s priority is to expand customer-base, not fixing current customer issues. They have become arrogant as a structure. I am bundling with a completely different company, and moving my business to a more reliable network system.

T-mobile does not care about fixing this, otherwise they would have stopped using the current hardware they are using. But notice that all the complaints include being sent the same router over and over. That’s how stupid T-mobile treats us. T-mobile does not think its customers are intelligent. That we can be strung along.


If you want working internet just go to a company that has a solid system. This may come with a subscription but you’re paying for service so get service. Don’t pay for a reseting box that causes you stress.

Mine restarts roughly every six hours. New Arcadyan, the black box. 


As with others here, My nokia gateway (the trashcan model..and on my 2nd one already rebooting randomly and losing wifi. same as the previous), I am sick and tired of the bs and policies that say I can’t switch to another gateway nor can I speak to or even email the ceo of these issues. I guess I’m going to have to hunt down the ceo myself and corner him on one of his visits and ask him what the hell. We are tired of spending money on his garbage for it not to work properly and that he is not going to walk away from this. People are way past being tired of ceo’s getting away with cheating people. I think we all deserve at least a years free service at this point not to mention t-mobile’s tech dept knows little to nothing about gateways nor networking. Also, a class action would get some attention as well.

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@MikeyD28655,  “I guess I’m going to have to hunt down the ceo myself and corner him on one of his visits and ask him what the hell. We are tired of spending money on his garbage for it not to work properly and that he is not going to walk away from this.”


What about simply finding another ISP? You have a monthly contract with TMO Home Internet and you can terminate it at any time. I think this would be a simpler solution your internet issues.


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