How do I find my ipv4 address?

  • 29 September 2022
  • 2 replies

Badge cannot find it. is not doing my dynamic ip resolution properly.

Even worse, my chats (e.g., jabber and ICQ) do not work. I can send messages, but not receive them.


2 replies

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May not be a proper ptr record published and it is knackering with a reverse dns lookup.


Generally speaking, out the box you are not "routable" due to the CGNAT/VPN like nature of TMO-HI's XLAT464 setup.  This tends to break a lot of applications that expect peer-to-peer style functionality.   It requires extra steps (ie a 3rd party tool/service) to get around it, which typically incurs additional expense.


It is useless then. How can I fix it?