Where can I submit the invoice for performing t-mobile work everyday?

Each day, sometimes more than once, I have to reset the gateway to restart my home internet. 

So, since I'm performing your work to maintain the service I pay for it is only fair I share in what you're paid. 

So if you'll let me know where and how I'll send you the invoice for each day of the last 2 weeks. 

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ok so 1 second times 14 days thats .028583333 i will round up and pay you .03 cents now if you will fill out a w-2 so we can properly tax you too. 


Actually, if I have to do the job of t-mobile I start with an hour as I do for any non employee work I do. And if you use the reasonable $17.00 per hour times 14 day that comes to $185 t-mobile owes me for doing their work. 



Could you help me by sending by email (t********  my Invoices from

Sept 2022 - March 2023. My account No. 968******.

Thanks so much for your time!







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the site here is primarily peer to peer..admins and mods only and they do not have account access..


with that being said..stop posting your personal info. fully public site so everyone and their mom now have your info.


including your account number..