New 5G gateway for gaming

  • 27 April 2022
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So, I have being having an issue with the home internet for weeks, I can’t barely play my games due to the massive lag I’ve being having for weeks, even if I put the LAN cable directly, is even worst. I’m trying to see a reason for this and to see if there is a fix for it since I like to play my games but lately I’ve being losing my patience on trying to play with low internet speed

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If you are seeing considerable delay be sure to run a speed test with say & confirm how the performance of the cellular connection is. If you run a test with with a browser & also with the app on your computer you can compare the results & have some expectation for PING latency. 

If you have the Nokia GW the cellular & internet metrics are good to post so users can respond based upon the data provided. Us a browser from your computer & login to the gateway interface at & record the metric values. If you have the Arcadyan gateway you can do the same but to get the details that are readily available via the Nokia is a little more effort. Checking out Nater Tater’s YouTube videos on the T-Mobile routers is highly recommended. My guess is the latency is due to the cellular link but without metrics it is impossible to provide much feedback. The cellular internet solution is a little more effort to optimize vs. a cable or fiber connection. It is really important to optimize the gateway connection to the tower. The problem could ba a local WIFI issue or it could be with the cellular link. You have to explore both and know what you are dealing with.

If you are also using another router/WIFI device with the T-Mobile gateway that is also another important part of the solution you need to covey. If you know where the tower is in relation to your home and how far away it is that also is a factor in performance expectations with the cellular router and the internal antennas. The signal could be weaker than is desired or the signal(s) could be impaired due to external noise resulting in delay/lag due to retransmissions because of packet damage. 

You should identify the 4G LTE and 5G NR cellular channels that are delivered to your gateway and with the PCI information from the two signals you can confirm the tower location. A call to T-Mobile support could also help you obtain information about the tower location where your gateway connects. Once you know for sure where the tower is and have an optimal placement for the gateway in your home then you may be able to obtain better results. In some cases if the signal is weak or just not clean adding an external antenna can help improve matters in a big way.

Some locations are just not very good for cellular signals to reach. Having knowledge of where the tower is, the topology between the GW and the tower are important to improve the signal lock. Post information you KNOW and others can offer suggestions. 

Suggestions to improve cellular reception:

  • Contact support & determine if work/maintenance is being done on the tower. (external influence)
  • Evaluate the location of the router with respect to the tower. (internal influence)
  • Make sure the router is located at the most optimal location in the home.
  • Determine the location of the cellular tower & distance from the home
  • Evaluate the terrain between the home & cell tower (clear view, trees, hills, buildings etc.. between home and tower)
  • Relocate the router/gateway if possible to a better location in the home.
  • Locate close to a window, with no metal screen

Post specific router information to the community conversation:

  • Primary & Secondary internet connection information (RSRP, SNR, RSRQ values)
  • Primary & Secondary cellular network information (PCI, Band, EARFCN/NR-ARFCN values)
  • -Router Model & software version in operation (Nokia or Arcadyan)