Slow internet speeds on 3 different bands - help decipher these stats

  • 24 September 2022
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I have the Nokia gateway and have installed a Waveform 4x4 Mimo panel antenna.

I get different bands when I reboot sometimes and have taken screenshots (attached below) of my stats when on these different bands.

The best download I’ve gotten has been about 15Mbps which just won’t work for me and is unstable/unreliable (most of the time I get under 10Mbps) and the best upload I’ve gotten is around 50Mbps when on the N71 band.

I need more download speed than upload speed and have tried moving/aiming the antenna, but through rebooting several times, it will sometimes pick B2/N41 or B66/N41 or B2/B6 with N71.

I don’t know what I need to do or if there is a more powerful antenna or if I need to point the antenna away from where it is now, etc.

I thought being on the N41 band would give me great download results, but it’s actually the slowest download speed.

Can you look at my screenshots and tell me what I need to improve and give some suggestions on how to do that, please?  I put the bands each screenshot represents in the caption directly below each picture.

Thanks for your help.





2 replies


I moved my antenna some and did some more tests.

See picture below for updated tests.

This is on the B2 / N41 bands.

Now I’m getting approximately 25Mbps up and down but that still isn’t ideal.

Since my SNR is so good, especially on the secondary N41 band, I am now wondering if I’d be a good candidate for a cell phone signal booster.

I’ve read most people say no to this and that just an external antenna is the best way to go, but my RSRP is the only thing that’s really bad I think (if I’m reading everything correctly) so would a signal amplifier be good for my situation?

Feedback much appreciated.


B2 / N41 - After Waveform 4x4 Mimo Antenna Adjustments



If anyone has any suggestions, I’d really appreciate it.