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  • 21 January 2022
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Anyone knows how does T-mobile internet support works?


What are the tiers? Who is the first contact and are technicians ever involved? I got the impressions escalations are fake and no one on the engineering side is ever involved. It sounds like everything is a script and half of the time is spent repeating the same concepts over and over, along with asking how my day has been.


I have been with other telecommunication companies before, and I have always been able to talk to someone trained or with knowledge about issues and interested to diagnose/solve it. Never the case with T-mobile (at least the home internet division)

2 replies

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It seems like Tmobile is using social media as their main source for support and its usually a higher tier.

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It appears support on the phone is worthless, they have a script and metrics to meet, with no knowledge or ability to fix anything. This is an appalling trend, not sure what’s the endgame other than alienating customers and saving a buck.