Upload speed on t-mobile home internet is VERY SLOW-


Here in northern Wisc. the upload has fallen to under 5 meg - 10 fold.


What’s going on?  It was great for a few months there.  Is this the new normal?


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There could be a lot of reasons why:

  • Your first few months may be been on a different tower and/or band and recently it changed. For example, when my primary is on B2 I get less than half the upload speed of B66. Unfortunately, there is no way to lock to a specific band at present. You could try to reset and reposition your gateway to see if that helps.
  • If you have the Nokia (cylinder) gateway, many users are complaining about performance fall off a few months after starting service. You can try to get the newer Arcadyn (cube) from TMO support to see if that helps.
  • Something is different in or around your home that is causing interference to the cell phone signal. You can try repositioning your gateway to try to resolve.
  • The wifi channels that your router has selected may no longer be optimal. You can confirm this by testing upload by connecting to the ethernet port of your gateway instead of connecting to wifi.

Many thanks. Good answer. I can’t see what tower, but I think there is only one up here. Wifi is not an issue - there is no competiting signals here in the woods. My MESH network seems to work well.

I was just concerned that there was something amiss. Upload had been like 50 meg - then it dropped to DSL speeds of 6 or so. Now it is running about 8. I should not complain - my CenturyLink 2 line DSL would not get above 5, and the download was 20 max. This is much better than that - even though the signal quality is only 2 bars.  Thanks. Appreciate the insight.

I was excited about Tmobile Home Internet. I was floored when I was getting download speeds over 700 MBPS. Two weeks ago, it stopped. It’s awful. Last night was the most frustrating. I could not connect any device to internet. My streaming service indicated that my download speed was less than 1 MBPS. I called T-Mobile and they turned it on. Now my speed is between 60 and 80.  Why do they do this? Why do they just arbitrarily restrict access? Yes, I know the obvious answer is going to be to distribute the bandwidth but then the technology doesn’t work. If you can’t give everyone HIGH SPEED then you took on too many customers. Note: This is NOT FREE service. I pay for it and I want to get what I signed up for. 

We recently got a new tower up download speed is thru the roof +600 upload is under 20 any thoughts on upload increase? I’ve removed excess devices still no improvement I’ve tried relocating the cylinder no luck either …

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Download speeds have been ok.  Upload has been really bad.  On both phone and home internet.  I understand in the past it was not as big a deal but now with all the video conferencing it is an issue.  1 meg up does not cut it.  They claim it should be 8 megs up…. I could live with that but I almost never even approach 8 megs up.  It is mostly never even hitting 2 megs’

I agree with Mark1103,
My computer has a Cat6 connection to the T-Mobile 5G Gateway cube.

I get 400 Mbps download which is great!

But I only get 35 Mbps upload … which is “okay” for most things,
but it’s not okay when I try to video conference with work or do a cloud backup of my computer.

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35 upload you should have zero issues



heck even half that for upload you should have no issues.

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You may want to check what 5G band you are on (using the TM Home internet app under advance cellular metrics).  I’m about 5-6 miles from my tower, and when I’m on N71 my upload speeds are usually 50-60 mbps, but when I’m on N41 it drops to 15-20.  (But N41 gives me ripping 300-500+ download, while N71 is usually 70-150).  In other words, N71 gives me good mid-range uploads and downloads, while n41 seems to excel for downloads and sacrifices uploads (at least for me in my location).

How can you hook up to different  towers to check your service,  speeds, and 3 bars or better of signal  strength 

 I need for yall to help. Fix the problem 





I’m in northern wi (Osceola) and I am getting a decent signal, 170 down and less than 1Mb up! I’m using a commercial router, not the junk TMobile sells you. I think they must just be under provisioned to the point of fraud. Does anyone have a similar experience? Any joy with tmoe tech support? I am tired of spending an hour with a “friendly” person only to be told ”oh yes, they’ll work on it” with no timeline or change. 

I don’t really want to spend for starlink but it’s tempting. I’m dropping them in a hot minute as soon as fiber gets here, if this can’t be resolved. 

Same thing goes on at HILDA Missouri Tower,  my net is good in Republic MO a much larger city but when I move to the camp the HILDA Tower is so slow.  According to T-Mobile “Upload Speeds: Typically between 7 – 32 Mbps”  U get .7 mbps, Pt.7  10% of the minimum.  what makes it worse is the runaround from tech support, trying to tell me the remote Missouri tower is more crowded than heavily populated Republic Tower ROFL.

It’s March 24. My speed has been getting slower and slower. I’m at 12.1mbs. I just called and was told my service is excellent but it congested. They’re going to look into it. I couldn’t even get into T-Mobile’s website.

So I’m left with looking for another server as this one does not keep its promise of faster speeds. Unless I work in the early am.