why TMobile home internet so bad


When I first got my gateway it worked ok 6 months now and it sucks so bad I can't play games and half the time my wife can't even watch her shows without it buffing I think TMobile needs to stop making new stuff and fix theyre crappy service when I get another service in dropping this crap

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Perform a few checks:

  1.  Use the TMHI ‘app’ to check your general performance - ‘Connection Quality’ on the home tab
  2. On the ‘More’ tab, check the ‘Advanced Cellular Metrics’ - take a look on the 5G tab to see the the RSRQ, RSRP, SINR and Band are.  Band should be N41.  Each entry has a status description as well as status.
  3. File (call) T-Mobile for support  (summer leaves in some places will cause issues with n41 - 
  4. Better location (use the Home page - Placement tool).

If you have multiple towers in your area, monitor which you're connected to when you have issues (CGI in the advanced metrics). I started having very poor service and finally figured out it was always when I got bounced off my home tower to another down the street. Although, even though I figured out what the issue is, tmobile will do nothing to fix the poor service on the one tower.