T-mobile home internet device schedules not working

  • 20 March 2022
  • 2 replies


Within the past couple of months the device schedule section of the home internet app has failed. I assume there was an update that caused this, as it had worked perfectly for years prior. I am no longer able to disable the device beginning/ending at midnight. Doing so results in a nullification of the programmed schedule, resulting in the connection being left open until the following day.

See attached as an example.


2 replies

I just got my gateway yesterday & I'm having the same issue. Sometimes it'll show one of the devices being offline & then instantly it's back on the network. It would be nice if they had an option of all day or 24 hours. There are devices I will only want on the network when I manually stop the schedule for a period of time. It's already very frustrating it won't work as expected. 

The home internet has went to crap  mine was amazing but now its constantly disconnecting loses signal just crap im switching to starlink elon musk . An the service is overseas tmobile an they read what to do out of a manual they are clueless