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Is it possible to save, export, or archive text threads?  Some of my text threads are very long and DIGITS is having a hard time loading the conversation on the web, the computer, and my phone.  I would like to save it down to a file or something and then delete the thread so everything loads faster.  Is this possible?



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Unfortunately that is not an available feature at the moment. However, that option may be added in the future. Keep an eye out for that every time you update the DIGITS app.

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Sorry but @orodrig23  is right. This isn't a feature that DIGITS offers. We don't have any word this will be added, but we appreciate you coming here to pitch the idea. Thanks!

There are times when I don't have access to either my T-Mobile Galaxy S8 Digits phone or my work phone, (Verizon Moto Z with Digits app,) but I would like to know that I have received a text message to my Digits line.

I do have access to email, and I would love to have the ability to set my phone and/or Digits account to automatically send me an email with that incoming text. Knowing that I've received a text would allow me to make an effort to get back to my phones to reply to that text.

Could you add that to your suggestions list?

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That's an interesting suggestion @allen904  and thanks for comin' by to post that here. We always appreciate feedback and ideas so I'll make sure I pass this suggestion along. Thanks again!

Well ... 6 months later ... we're still waiting.    WHEN CAN WE EXPECT THIS? 

Adding the archive feature would be appreciated


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