Expiration date bug for Legacy Pay As You Go?

  • 24 December 2021
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I’ve had a back-up T-Mobile Legacy Pay As You Go with Gold Rewards account for more than a decade.

Early this year, in 3rd week of January 2021, I refilled another $10.  After refilling, I saw the expiration date extended to 2022 for the same date in 3rd week of January as expected.

It looks like T-Mobile had a system/software change during the past year as the UI looks different, e.g., no longer shows how many minutes/SMSes the balance would cover.

Whether or not due to that system/software change/migration, I am guessing there’s a bug somewhere as my expiration date got shortened by 2 weeks.  From Transaction and Activity history, it looks like that happened either mid-August or early October 2021.

  1. Anybody else noticed the same expiration date being shortened?
  1. Was there a system change/upgrade that T-Mobile did during 2021 that you’re aware of?
  1. How do I contact T-Mobile Chat Support to get this fixed?  A few days ago, I saw a way to do so through lower-right corner but don’t see it today.
  1. I’m also curious how many Legacy Pay As You Go users are still around?

Thanks for any reply and help in advance and Happy Holidays!

45 replies


i just refilled my legacy account, and it got shortened by 9 MONTHS !

my refilled minutes are supposed to last 1 year, but they only gave me 3 months.


i use my legacy phone as a backup phone as well, since google voice has free calls and text

Same here, just updated and got the 3 month expiry.  Guess I’ll try calling later - don’t have signal at the residence, so have to drive into town.

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Easiest way to contact Tmobile support is by using messenger on one of tmobile's social media platforms or scroll to the bottom of this post where it says connect with Tmobile and select the appropriate icon you want to use.


Same here, just updated and got the 3 month expiry.  Guess I’ll try calling later - don’t have signal at the residence, so have to drive into town.


i have a feeling this error is not gonna get fixed promptly.


they really screwed up this expiration date for legacy users.

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Also have a prepaid legacy plan, minimum $10 for one year.


Went to the store today to add $10 to keep the account active for another year.  After paying, saw the resulting paperwork with an expiration date of 3 months (3/26/22), not the full year I was expecting.  They said it was because of a new system that went into effect this year.


Had the store employee call their customer service.  Because of the wait time (~2 hours), I asked that when the employee gets a reply, to call me.


They called a while later, and left the following message:



I will check back at the store next week, to fully insure that the expiration date is now truly one year, instead of three months.


The web page now reflects a 12/2022 expiry on my account.  Didn’t check with anyone.  Seems takes about 24 hours to sort out for some reason.  Possibly have to match to an old database?  Who knows ….

Still have to call about PIN that was apparently reset in August during that debacle.


both my legacy accounts still show March 2022 expiration as of right now.

I have 3 legacy accounts, only 1 of which shows the correct expiration date. It was refilled on 12/20.

The other 2 accounts which have the incorrect expiration date were refilled on 12/23.


TMO support has been very quiet on this message board.


I have another that will naturally expire in March.  Yeah, there’s surprisingly little traffic about this on the interwebs.  Maybe we’re down to the last dozen or so people using these accounts.

Same here. Two legacy Gold accounts.  Both showed 3-month expiry dates after refill.  One refilled on 12/28/21, the other refilled today 12/31/21.  As of today system did not correct itself, both still showed expiry after just 3 months.  Have not had time to contact T-Mobile yet.

UPDATE:  Just called their PAY-AS-YOU-GO support @ 1-877-778-2106  (a 24/7 hotline).  They say this is an ongoing problem due to their transition to the “new system”.  Said my particular problem (I gave them the numbers to both my accounts) should be fixed and updated correctly within 72 hours)

Hope this info helps others in similar situation.


it’s been almost 2 weeks.

they still haven’t updated my expiration date on my paygo account.


they did add a note to my account, which any rep can see, noting that my expiration date should be december 2022.

so we’ll see how that actually plays out if this crap isn’t fixed by March.


I asked the phone rep if they are actually able to override the expiration date if  this isn’t fixed by March, and the rep said yes they can.

I will call again one of these days and ask again if they can override.


I think these phone reps don’t really know wtf they’re talking about

Well, 72-hours have passed and my accounts have NOT been updated correctly like the phone rep said it would.  I think you are right, these phone reps are just saying things to pacify you so you’ll go away.  I am now doubtful the problem will be fixed automatically.

I just refilled my legacy pay as you go account and instead of a 1 year expiration it is now only 3 months. what has everyone done to get this resolved? calling seems pointless with a wait time of eternity.


call the tmobile hotline and complain, and have them add a note to your account about the expiration date.

of course, this is not the best solution, and your account will still show the incorrect expiration date, and you’ll have to check again next month.



Today 01/10/22 added $10.00 to my Legacy Gold account and it correctly stated expires 01/10/23


maybe for new refills it shows correctly

but those of us who refilled the last week of december still show incorrect date

Can anyone find the place where you can see the various options of amounts to add and what texts/talk time that would give you, plus expiry dates? I have had a Legacy Gold for years which is super helpful when traveling back to the USA for short stints (living abroad mostly) and do not want to lose this number/account. 

I can’t find anything on-line, but I just added $10 to my legacy gold account, plus $2 for “tax”, and I got an additional 365 days. When I look at Payment Activity, Not Activity Log, which goes nowhere, I see that they have deducted $.10 per minute for voice calls  and per message on my previous activity.  Kinda in the range for what the Gold account used to be.  I doubt I would get a lower rate per minute  for a larger refill, like Gold used to work, since they just show the money in the account, not the minutes or messages, but I don’t need many for this phone anyway.   JSher10013

I noticed due to getting a new phone and then finding that #999# did not work. I eventually tried #225# and that did show my balance but it also showed an expiration this month (6 months early). Checked my account page and it shows the expire in May. On hold with PAY-AS-YOU-GO support @ 1-877-778-2106.

The support rep was able to quickly confirm that my last payment was 9/4/2021, so the May expire is clearly wrong. The added language was that my account was switched from legacy to Rebellion in 8/28. I don’t know if that is the actual cause or not. My guess is that it was caused while I was switching to a new phone. I did the “stop international calls” thing for example.


Status. The support rep turned it over to the tech group and she or they will get back to me. I will try to remember to update progress here.


P.S. I found “Rebellion” from as far back as 3 years ago, with somebody complaining about that system.

I have now called 3 times and it is three months since I did the top up and they have still not fixed my expiry date.  Did anyone actually get theirs fixed? 

Not yet for me. The support is very nice and helpful but the account does not seem to respond to them. The added feature for me is that my text messages are not blocked in and out. Since Legacy can’t change that in the my.tmobile login I just called in a ticket to fix that. She did try to fix it herself but got an error so has opened a ticket to the upstream techs.

To give credit where due…

Just found my texting to work again so they did fix that one pretty quick. I also see that my expiration as reported by my.tmo is now at 6/6/2022, so it is incrementally moving forward toward the proper 9/4/2022.

Also having the same problem with a changed expiration date. My wife and I have been using our Legacy Pay as You Go with Gold Rewards since 2007 (15 years ago). My wife renewed hers on 11/22/2021 and the new expiration date was 11/22/2022. I renewed mine on 02/01/2022 and the new expiration date was 02/01/2023. On 03/03/2022, we disabled the feature “Block international calling-voice/text” on our lines, so that we could make international calls and texts. When we checked our accounts the following day, her expiration date as well as my expiration date became 06/03/2022, which is 90 days from the date that the feature “Block international calling” was disabled. I suspect that disabling the feature changed the expiration date. I have not tried enabling the feature to see if a new expiration date of 90 days after the change would be shown, for example, if I now enable “Block international...” on 03/08/2022, that a new expiration date of 06/08/2022 would show up.