Get iPhone 13 Pro ON Us

  • 8 October 2021
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The current promo of iphone on us requires a magenta max upgrade with trade-in for a credit of 800$ or 1000$ depending on the model of traded phone .

I did get the deal and have upgraded to magenta max, but have second thoughts on trading the phone in.  I got a mail which says that I will get a one time credit of 136$ for iphone XR and 181$ for Iphone 11.  Have the following 3 questions


1: Will the monthly credit be 30 month credits on my bill minus the trade-in value?  (It doesn’t make sense that both XR and 11 end up with the same value eventually, since with iphone xr trade in I will get more in the form of credits on my bill  ).  they don’t talk about the credits in detail neither in  the EIP plan documents nor in detailed Terms and Conditions

2:  If I dont trade-in send my current phone , will I still get the 30 month credits on my bill minus the trade-in value?

3:  What happens if instead of iphone 11, I return a good iphone XR ?

3 replies

@custforlife I don’t have an answer, but I am in the same boat.  BS that the number came in after the sale was final.  I looked thru those papers too.

@custforlife Just finished a chat with t-mobile support.  Here is the explanation I was given:  The trade-in value will be the one-time credit after they receive the device.  Then, the difference between the promotional amount (in my case 800) and the trade-in will be divided into the 24 months as a credit.  I took a screenshot just in case it comes back to bite me later...I hope it doesn’t.


Thanks Cristina.  I was confused on the one time credit.  I was thinking that it would be the price of trade in and remaining was the credit for magenta max upgrade. 
So was thinking of retaining my iPhone and waiving the one time credit, as the market price of these phones will be over 200$ for sure 🙂 (instead of the 180$ trade in credit..  But I guess from what you are saying the trade-in is required.