How can I block ALL text messages sent from EMAIL ADDRESSES?

  • 16 January 2020
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also lol how do i change my username?

I have started getting the same messages from this is something that TMobile needs to block at a firewall level since these are coming from Hong Kong. Please fix this issue!

I'm having the same issue too. I get a number of spam messages each week from email addresses, sent as text messages. I forward every single one to 7726. The real issue here is that T-Mobile only allows us to block phone numbers from text messaging, not email addresses. The spammers and scammers know this and are taking full advantage of it. 

So, T-Mobile, won't you please add a feature to messaging that allows us to block individual email addresses from sending us text messages, just as we are able to block individual phone numbers. 

Is there any update on this? I have started getting 5 to 10 of these a day, and I would hate to have to change providers.

Email to SMS Text (TMOMail) can be blocked by adding the Free feature BEMLS.

Thank you.


If you refer to the screenshot above, for “Block Messages” you’ll notice it is set to  “On: Block email” yet the message somehow was able to bypass this rule. This seems to be more serious than a simple “adding the Free feature BEMLS” that’s, as noted, apparently not having any sort of effect on preventing this message from being received, while appearing like an email and, could be potentially a more serious security flaw, as noted below with details in reference to the post just before yours.

It seems that it’s possible it’s not coming from an email and may have disguised it’s source number from not only my phone, but from being properly logged on my T-mobile account or otherwise will be referred to as the communications routing, as it seemingly goes undetected as a phone number and leaving no phone number logged for the message’s origin, at least when viewing message logs on the T-mobile website (which normally lists the phone number for messages being received). In a way, it seems to be able to bypass the email disabled settings by being a phone number but is able to hide it’s number from even T-Mobile so that it can’t be blocked, at least that’s my speculation based on the evidence shown above.

Indications of security flaws that pose questions such as, why do different numbers get reported for the same message? How is it masking it’s phone number to appear as an email on my phone but on my computer it seems to read coming from a 12-digit number, or could it be that the variance in text format (Unicode, UTF, ASCII,ANSI, etc.) just makes it seem that way somehow? How are emails still arriving as MMS? Is it still possible somehow for emails to be sent to a phone number aside from the aforementioned [PHONENUMBER] (such as using an online service or something similar)?

Whatever the case may be, since this post, it appears to have been stopped, at least this particular message (other SPAM continues). If there was action taken, it has been done unbeknownst to me and whether or not it was done covertly to prevent making known any sort of potential vulnerabilities, thank you to whoever played a role in stopping these messages.

I recently started getting SMS messages from email addresses ending with  One from Another from Spammers are so annoying. I sent messages to 7726 to report spam.  I just got off a chat with T-Mobile rep. I specifically asked to have all email to text disabled form T-Mobile gateway to all numbers on my account.  Fingers crossed that it works.


Fix it tmobile there's no solution. 

Its been a year of this now. Tmobile doesn't care.

They never did.




Yeah t-mobile is utter crap.  I rate them at near comcast-levels of garbage.  The only thing keeping me here is the military discount.

Apparently Verizon has an option to block emails being sent to sms that can be activated via their customer login page.

As the TMobile is unwilling to take any real action the best option for this becomes installing a 3rd application on the device that blocks emails-to-sms at the device-level rather than the network-level.


KeyMessages on android has this functionality, but it is a premium feature.  im sure there are iPhone and other android apps that will do it.

I've been getting over 1,000 of these a day for 4 days now. Please help my phone is useless at this point. It can't take this load and the people that I need to be in touch with can't reach me

Me too.  I got several today but I have been getting them all week.

I’m having the same problem. I’ve done the recommended suggestions and that has not helped. This needs to be addressed.

Forward the texts to 7726

Getting the exact same Messages. Has anyone solved this?? Driving me insane!

I am receiving text messages from email addresses, How can I block them?

Did this, and still receiving these messages :(

Sadly, I think it is a scope larger than tmobile.   I’m not finding anywhere with information on truly stopping it.

Seems even the nerds on reddit are stumped on how to stop it, that surprises me.
But I did read AT&T has disabled the email to sms functionality -  But that post was 9 years old o.O

Hmmm, there's a few different ways these emails could be coming in, so I think we should try ruling some out. They could be going to [Your Phone Number], so let's turn that off. Could you change your Message Blocking settings on My T-Mobile so they Block email? That will help us isolate where they're coming from.

This doesn't work! Still getting multiple a day! Can't block because it's not a #. Even adding as a contact to them block does NOT work! This is ridiculously annoying!

Ugh. I just got another one.  So apparently that didn't work.  I'll keep digging around for ideas. 

I am receiving text messages from email addresses, How can I block them?

Why was this removed in the settings? I currently have the same issue but cannot seem to find out how to block it and Customer Service is no help.

Email to SMS Text (TMOMail) can be blocked by adding the Free feature BEMLS.

Thank you.


I’ve recently started getting them, too.  So irritating!  If some other cell phone service provider offers the same service at the same price that I’m paying for T.M., and they’re able to block these stupid spam email texts, I’ll be switching for sure.  Are you paying attention here, T.M.?

I having the same issue. Please help how to block this emails coming in as text messages.


Hey guys, does this need either press or John Legere attention?

Because either of those outlets is open to me (clubhouse for John since he seems to be in rooms that I mod in on a daily basis) or some security tech writers who are already giving TMobile a roughing up for their repeated security failings.

If I'm understanding, it looks like the setting to disable email to SMS has been completely ineffective for everyone here. I'm not impacted, but people close to me are, hence my interest. But if anyone has further detail, feel free to comment.

I'll also forward to staffers in the Senate commerce committee. Can't guarantee any of these will have traction, but the fact that a common carrier is enabling such gross violations of spam regulations should be a driver for accountability. 

Yes, please do and let us know who we can contact about this to let them how we’ve been impacted.

I receive these all the time. Can we please have a feature to block all text messages from email? This is irritating