How to delete verified business call notificaion

  • 2 October 2023
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My phone has a permanent notification re Verified Business Calls that cannot be removed.  How do I remove it?

Why would I want 100’s of random business calls offering me a discount on a washing machine or some else just because they have paid T-Mobile an advertising fee. Only mentally challenged people who watch the shopping channels all day long would be interested.  99%+ of the people despise random marketing calls. 


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52 replies

Has anyone been able to get rid of the notification when you are using Secure Folder?

I'm worried the only solution is to disable secure folder, or factory reset to clear the verified business call notification before enabling secure folder. 

Here are screenshots showing the problem, how the notification is bugged and incorrect if you happen to use secure folder. The message "Content hidden" is shown when you expand the notification while already signed in to secure folder. 

If you don't sign in to secure folder, the expand toggle is suppressed so you can't see the drop down expand contents of the notification unless you log in to secure folder:

Here is the only thing you can see when interacting with the notification, for enriched calling and toggling the verified business call. But nothing stops the notification every time you reboot. 

Just wondering if you ever figured out how to fix this issue it's driving me nuts! I've tried getting into it resetting my phone and everything you've done I've tried also. 


It worked (finally) using your feedback in this order: 

Apps/Permission Manager/Phone

Then open the second Phone icon with the green receiver icon

Select Force Stop

Immediately swipe down on the verified business calls notification

You can now clear it

Also, clear the cache ( I did this before and after force stop so I'm not sure which sequence helped)

Are you using Secure Folder - was your notification carrying the little icon indicating that the notification comes from the Secure Folder version of this new/2nd phone app?

Yes once I set up secure folder on my phone, I started to have this problem. I tried to force to stop the app, and did not worked. But if you go to secure folder app settings, there is a option to uninstall. Once you hit uninstall all of your stuff kept here goes back to the original folder, and all the messages disappear ! So I chose not having secure folder to stop the annoying messages .