Is anyone experiencing an issue with T-Mobile honoring Sprint's free hulu/Tidal services?

  • 14 April 2022
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@T-Mobile  Hi.


Amelia M: I understand your concern about Hulu and Tidal and data charges I would request you to Please be assured I will look Into it and will certainly help you with that.
Before we go ahead, I would request you to please sign in to your account for security reasons? This will allow me to access your account details.

Please click here to sign in to your online account with your username and password.

You: Done.

Amelia M: Thank you! Please help me with Phone number and 6-10 Digits Pin or security answer.


Amelia M: Thank you so much It worked.

Amelia M: I would request you to Please be assured I will look Into it and will help you with that right here On chat.

Amelia M: May I Know what exactly is the issue you are getting while accessing Hulu and Tidal because as I checked thta It is Included In your plan.

You: Tidal - is asking me to upgrade my plan and pay for it.

You: Hulu - I have been paying for Hulu for years because Sprint/T-Mobile links never work.

You: account has charges for unlimited data $10.00. When I opened the plan, unlimited data was part of the package deal.

You: How can I get copies of my past bills?

Amelia M: I would like to Inform you that you can Upgrade the plan On Tidal and be assured you will be not charged anything extra as all the customers are upgrading and I will help you with Hulu sign up as well.

You: Why do I have to upgrade the Tidal account?

Amelia MBecause every customer is getting an new version of Tidal so If you wish you can also and you will be not charged for that .

You: ok.

Amelia M: As I checked that you have not been charged $10 On your bill However the $10 credit is being applied On your account.

You: My point is not that I haven't been charged. My plan has been changed.

Amelia M: I will check that as well be assured.

You: I am trying to upgrade and I have a choice of Hi Fi and Hi Fi Plus.

You: which one should I choose

Amelia M: Hi Fi will be better and charges will be also less the plus On that.

You: what charges?

You: There should be no charges at all, as you stated.

Amelia M: I am sorry for the typo Please Upgrade with Hi Fi which is free and Included In the plan.

Amelia M: Plus will be chargeable..

You: I am getting a message that I have to pay 12.99 a month.

You: Did T- Mobile send out any information regarding this forced upgrade? And will there be changes to my Tidal account with this forceable upgrade.

Amelia MPlease Ignore that message as It is Included in your plan and By this Upgrade you will get extra benefits and there will be no changes so be assured about that.

You: There were changes. My playlists are gone as are my favorites.

You: I am not feeling very confident in the information you are providing.

Amelia M: No Problem, If you are facing issue in playlist and favorites, Let me connect you to our dedicated team of technical experts so that they will help you.Please stay connected.

Christina B.: Hi there !

Christina B.: Thanks a million for staying connected. My name is Christina B, from the Sprint advanced Technical Support Team and I will be assisting you further.

Christina B.: Hope you are doing fine. I just received your transfer and I will check your previous chat log so you don't have to go over everything again . Sounds good ?

You: That will do.

Christina B.: Thank you. I will be right back.

Christina B.: Thank you for waiting. I see you mentioned you are facing issues with the Tidal and it is asking you to pay $12.99 , right ?

You: There are two issues. Tidal upgrade and hulu missing.

Christina B.: Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. I will surely look into the concern further and will assist you further with the best of my abilities.

Christina B.: In regards to the Tidal , There is currently a TIDAL known issue (master ticket INC37431580) where the app will incorrectly request eligible customers to sign up and pay.

You: The previous agent told me to do the upgrade.

You: Was she incorrect?

Christina B.: Just to be sure , were you able to use the Tidal HI FI earlier ?

You: Yes.

Christina B.: Okay , In this case , I will request you to wait for the master ticket to get resolved . This is Tidal known issue and it will be resolved at the earliest.

Christina B.: We apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing and appreciate your patience.

You: What does that mean?

You: May I have a master ticket #?

Christina B.Master ticket INC37431580

You: So, should I expect to see a charge on my account for Tidal?

Christina B.: Not at all , it is included in your plan and you will not be charged for it.

You: The next issue is Hulu. I do not have access to hulu.

Christina B.: Okay , Have you earlier been able to access HULU ?

You: when I enrolled in this plan, I had access to Hulu, then it disappeared and after months of calling Sprint/chatting, I gave up but since it is included in my account. I would like it.

You: Please check the account. Hulu is listed as a service.

Christina B.: You are right. HULU is included in the plan and I am sorry to hear that you are facing this issue in this regard .

Christina B.: Please give me a moment to review your account further .

Christina B.: Thank you for your patience, I will have the information shortly.

Christina B.: Thank you for waiting. I see that the HULU is already registered on this line and this is the partner reference ID :358321560

Christina B.: Heads up! This chat will be closing in a few minutes due to inactivity. Please send a quick message to let me know you're still there.

You: Really. how would i know

You: to access1 Hulu from my phone. WHat is the user ID

Christina B.: Kindly contact Hulu support at 1-888-631-4858 . Hulu support will help you recover the account by doing a search against the Partner Reference ID provided by Sprint.

You: Apologies but this chat has been a waste of time. None of my issues have been resolved.

You: Please tell me. What is the address for Consumer/Customer Concerns?

You: And please provide a reference identifier for this specific chat.

Christina B.: Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. Resolving your concern is my top most priority and I want to leave a customer dissatisfied.

You: Also, how can I get access to copies of my past bills.

You: Please provide address. Thank you.

Christina B.: In regards to the Tidal , the master ticket is open and be assured it will be resolved at the earliest. In regards to the HULU service , the account is already registered so if you remember the email you used with it , you can reset the password using the browser or the HULU application.

Christina B.: IN case you do not remember the email set up with HULU account , please do get in touch with the HULU support so that they can help you in recovering the account.

You: I do know the email for the hulu. When I log in, I have to pay which I did 12.99 a month for the last two years.

You: And I do know the user id. The problem is that T Mobile has technical difficulties with this service that its agents do not seem to know how to handle.

You: Kindly provide the requested address. Thanks.

Christina B.: Being a customer myself I understand your point and I want to help you the best from my end,. The plan you are included the HULU and please do get in touch with the HULU support as they will be able to help you out with the user ID. from our end , we have the Partner reference ID which is 358321560

Christina B.: Please allow me a moment to discuss the case with my available resources , Kindly stay connected.

Christina B.: Thank you for waiting. I have checked the details and currently we do not have the specific address for customer concerns however I am escalating your concern and you will receive a callback on urgent basis.

Christina B.: Heads up! This chat will be closing in a few minutes due to inactivity. Please send a quick message to let me know you're still there.

You: The internet is a wonderful thing. Questions and CommentsT-Mobile Customer RelationsPO Box 37380Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

You: So you can't do anything for me? Correct?

You: How do I get a transcript of this chat?

You: And how do I get copies of MY PAST BILLs - for the third time I am asking this question.

You: Thank you for helping me to the best of your abilities.

Christina B.: From my end , I escalated the case and you will receiving an urgent callback in this regard.

Christina B.: Please wait.

You: Please route call back to XXXXXXXXX

Christina B.: I am here to help you out with the billing concern as well

Christina B.: Please find the steps below :

Christina B.: Go to
Go to account dashboard.
Select View Bills.
The Digital Bill information can viewed from this screen.

The Digital Bill is used for clarity and transparency of details. It provides bill charge trends and includes specific charges, usage, lease information, etc.
The Digital bill reflects a 3 month overview as well as an upward or downward facing arrow if there is an increase or decrease in charges.
To view the PDF Bill, select the bill period from the Bill Period drop-down list.
Once new window opens, click on View/Save PDF Bill. This will take you to the printable version of your Sprint Bill.
To print your pdf bill click the printer icon and select Print.

You: I need copies of my bill from three years ago. Is that possible?

Christina B.: Yes , up to 10 years are available on line for the customers.


5 replies

This looks like every chat I've had with since I've began upgrading my phones (4 lines) and "migrating" from Sprint to T-Mobile.

Personally, I don't care much about the "extras" such as Netflix & Hulu, I just want the upgrades, insurance, and continued service like I've had. The order I placed August 11, got canceled because they sent the confirmation to my old email address. They had the right email when I spoke to them, the right email is on my account when I check my info online... I contacted them a couple days later when the phones didn't arrive, and they said they would re-enter the order and OF COURSE IT WOULD HAVE THE SAME PROMO's, etc as my original order.

From what I've seen, I shouldn't be surprised that NONE of the promotions were included. They did however change my phone plan increasing my bill by $45/month.

But.. They appreciate that I've been a loyal customer for 11 years, apologize that I've been waiting (one chat was over 2 hrs & 3 or 4 agents) & one call was just as long but at 2hrs & 8 minutes with nothing accomplished we were disconnected), understand my frustration, their goal is for customers to be pleased, thank me for my patience while they continue to research the issue...  

Every time I hear another of those memorized platitudes, I believe less & less that there's a chance that anything is ever going to be resolved unless I leave the account to which I've been such a loyal customer.


When trying to sign into my HULU account it’s asking me to pay. Sprint offered this to me for free. I thought there were no plan changes?

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no plan changes other than the fact that Sprint is no longer..cant have a deal through them if they no longer exist.


now its Netflix instead of HULU.

I’ve been trying to get the Hulu subscription activated which was offered to me free of charge as a previous Sprint customer, I was told Tmobile is still offering . Nobody seems to know how to get it activated via tMobile


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no..TMO offers Netflix..they do not offer Hulu.


the above is what they offer for streaming