Keep and Switch Fraud

  • 5 April 2022
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34 replies

I am going thru the same issue now with T-Mobile paid off $850 to move to them from Att but not realizing it was a fraud and after tons of calls and emails keep saying I am denied ,I sent them 4 pictures and logo and everything they requested then they sending back a email saying they want imei now,I never thought I was going get ripped off so brutally the public needs to know what’s going on this is gonna end up in a class action lawsuit.I already smell it.T-Mobile please stop playing games with customers and send my rebate as promised.

I'm having the same issue.  I have resubmitted the claim several times. Each time to be given a different reasons why I didn't qualify yet before we switched I met the criteria.  SO FRUSTRATING.

I am another victim of this fraud. My rebate got denied saying that this number already got a rebate in 2021 and there is 24 months cool down period which is not advertised anywhere. I am planning to take it to small claims court.

Now adding myself to this thread because I’m in the same situation…not going to submit my story because clearly T-Mobile isn’t responding to any of your requests/messages. So, given that we are all affected by this issue does anyone have an idea on how to further peruse this? I strongly suggest we all go a little higher. This is a good start below and in meantime we should bombard Corporate phone numbers with our complaints. Ideas?

Anyone else having trouble with TMobile meeting it’s promises. Three attempts now to be reimbursed for iPhone through keep and switch program. I guess they think you will just forget about what they promise you to get you to switch from AT&T. Just a new form of Corporate hot checks….. worst customer service I believe we have experienced…

Wow, we just switched, were promised rebate, and now new phone shows up on bill for $800. It seems this is a major scam. Probably the only way to resolve is to complain to Congress. MN Senator Amy Klobuchar loves to takes on this sort of consumer fraud: Senator Amy Klobuchar 1200 South Washington Ave #250, Minneapolis, MN 55415. 612-727-5220. The other alternative is a class action lawsuit. With all the complaints this seems like a no brainer. 


I am a victim of this promotion as well.  I’ve been told that my submission is “complete” and perfect but today I received a denied message, right at the 8 week mark.  The message says I was denied because the iPhone 13 is not a device that met the promotion requirement.  

This really need to be escalated.  Frankly I think the promotion was too good to be true but still, if it is, then don’t make the promise!  

I submitted Keep and switch, $200 promo and $150 magenta max promo , when I ported my number from Verizon to TMO at Costco Kiosk (T-Mobile owned). Looks like none of these promo are stackable eventhough that is how they are promoting these at Costco Kiosk with banners clearly saying you can combine them. Today my rebates got denied since these are not stackable, though previous customer representative and store mentioned otherwise.