Keep and Switch Fraud

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They have terrible customer service! I wanted to see an itemized bill after the autopay was done. The girl in customer service said that I had to wait until the next billing cycle came around to see the bill. I want a to be able to print it off. I have family members that are going to pay for their share. I need to show them in black and white. So I have to wait until the next billing cycle!! That is crap! Also the site said I am not the primary account holder and I have to ask permission. Crap again. She kept trying to tell me “yes, you are the primary account holder.” Then why does the computer keep saying the opposite! I am so frustrated because she could not even navigate the website. Let alone be very unhelpful for the bill! I am wishing I had never gone with TMobile!!!

I am a disabled senior, I switched to T-Mobile due to the keep and switch deal. I paid off my old account,over  800.00 that I did not have,based on promise I would get it back within 2 weeks. It's now been 3weeks, I have had to resubmit info 3 times now and keep getting denied. I am on a very limited budget and need this money back. I fear this is a scam. I will not stay with T-Mobile if I do not get my money back . Thank God my dil works for the weld co. DAs office.

is any one ever get solving with the Fraud from T moblie? 

some bought 3 Iphone13pro max in my name.