Keep and Switch Fraud

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I am also having problems getting my keep and switch rebate.  Transferred 2 iphone12 pro max phones from ATT to T-mobile. Paid off the remaining installment balances of about $500 each (&1000 total) to ATT prior to the transfer and submitted receipt and last ATT bill as requested. Checked status of the rebate 3 times and each time was told everything was approved and proceeding normally.  I would be informed soon that my virtual credit card would be available and how to use it… Nothing happened and when I again checked the rebate status it said “Denied”. Last time I was denied and enquirer was told problem was corrected and I was even given a 12 character “tracking code” that I was told assured that my rebate was approved… same result about 2 weeks later. “denied”. I am very angry,  I have wasted countless hours waiting on the phone and following detailed steps repeatedly in the application process. Still no success. T-mobile seems to be trying to literally steal $1000 from me. Considering turning this over to a lawyer and also suing for damages due to frustration and all the time lost when I could have been earning big money in my business.  Very angry and caution anyone else considering switching to T-mobile expecting they will actually follow through on the attractive “keep and switch” rebate. Buyer beware!!!!

I was also denied. This is a scam. After having a store rep personally walk me through the process of checking eligibility, and helping me pay off three Iphone 12’s with ATT ($1500), the rep showed me how to take screen shots of the confirmations and told me the website to send them to. I did everything that was asked.

During this whole exercise I was constantly being skeptical, asking how this deal was possible, what are the catches, how does t-mobile make money, ect.  I was thoroughly comforted throughout the whole process by the rep even though I was clearly nervous to spend all of that money at once to pay off the phones.

Then a week later I checked the website and I was DENIED!   The entire reason I went to T-Mobile is because of this promotion.  Beware! It is a shameless scam to get you in the door.  I am marching myself to the store today to confront the employee, and talk to his manager. If they refuse to honor this deal, I am cancelling my contract and leaving bad reviews on every site.    I can’t believe the FTC lets them get away with that.

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what part of the program have they not followed through on. kind of hard to give any help if we are unaware of what was not completed.

I’ve spent at least three to four hours on the phone with the T-Mobile rebate department and Northlane, T-Mobiles card service department and still have not received $500 in promotional rebates. 

Does anyone know of anyone who has had a good experience with the Keep and Switch program?

We’ve have the same issue, Keep&Switch continues to tell us every month the problem is resolved and they gaurentee “this time” I will receive my virtual cards… We call them again and then the same response is given, “we assure you this was not your fault and we are here to help, we promise/gaurentee this will not happen again and you will receive them” I get confirmation numbers and names and yet T-Mobile will do nothing to resolve these issues? I go into the store and they can’t help since it’s a promotion and they send me back to the online service. 

I’m having the same problem. I tried to submit the rebate online for 4 lines and it said I wasn’t eligible. I called customer service and they submitted the claim for me and gave me a tracking number. The tracker showed I was approved but when I went back to check the next week, the page gave an error saying no promotion found. I called customer service and they said they would send a card in the mail because the website had an issue and didn’t produce a virtual card. Waited 2 weeks nothing happened called back and they never submitted for the card to be sent so they said they had to do it again. I don’t understand what the issue is. I should have stayed with Verizon 

Anyone else having trouble with TMobile meeting it’s promises. Three attempts now to be reimbursed for iPhone through keep and switch program. I guess they think you will just forget about what they promise you to get you to switch from AT&T. Just a new form of Corporate hot checks….. worst customer service I believe we have experienced…

I am having the same problem I called to sign up for home Internet and when asked which phone carrier I was with he proceeded to try and offer me a better deal if I switched to t mobile I was offered the 200 prepaid card plus an extra 100 one because he kept running into issues and ended up like 2 hours on the phone doing this. Anyways my monthly bill was supposed to be 156 for 3 lines and my home internet. Well it's over 200 and T-Mobile is saying that there is no way they can give me that deal. I ported 3 numbers  from cricket and signed a contract for 2 free phones and a free tablet that aren't really free I don't know what to do. I was switching internet cuz I was trying to cut my bills to make ends meet and ended up paying double what I was on my phones.

I have tried and tried without any resolution to get them to resolve my cell phone coverage. They state and the WEBSITE COVERAGE MAP  states that I have 4G and 5G extended service at my address. NOT SO! I have ZERO cell phone reception. Not even 1 bar on 4G. I just keep getting told over and over again for months now that they are working on the tower. ( A lot of good that did me the other night in a snow storm of 20 inches my phone only comes in over my WiFi and I lost that! ) So if I needed help, I was out of luck to say the least! 

It's funny though that my neighbors that live close to me have Verizon and or AT&T and their coverage is superb!

They claim to be of the best for coverage, but NOPE! NOT TRUE TO THEIR WORD AT ALL! 

So basically, I can only use my cell phone over the WiFi. Why am I paying them monthly (T-Mobile)  again? Oh yeah, I totally forgot,  I can drive 30 miles to the city and maybe connect to cell coverage and use it there once every year or so!!!  

Today they tried to have me buy a WiFi hotspot to use. I told the ( very nice by the way gentleman, Harris ) I'm already paying monthly for NO SERVICE and now you want me to pay for you to send me a WiFi hotspot on top of that so I can have the service you promised? 



I just sent an email to our ATTORNEY GENERAL for the State of CT.  He actually had a small segment on last week about all of the problems with cell phone carriers and said to reach out to him with any ongoing problems. 

So if any of you are in CT. Give him a shout out that you are having problems.  🙂

I am so OVER paying out money for companies that don't hold up on there morals, values, and promises! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!


I am a victim of this promotion as well.  I’ve been told that my submission is “complete” and perfect but today I received a denied message, right at the 8 week mark.  The message says I was denied because the iPhone 13 is not a device that met the promotion requirement.  

This really need to be escalated.  Frankly I think the promotion was too good to be true but still, if it is, then don’t make the promise!  

I submitted Keep and switch, $200 promo and $150 magenta max promo , when I ported my number from Verizon to TMO at Costco Kiosk (T-Mobile owned). Looks like none of these promo are stackable eventhough that is how they are promoting these at Costco Kiosk with banners clearly saying you can combine them. Today my rebates got denied since these are not stackable, though previous customer representative and store mentioned otherwise.

These are the same issues I have. Submit docs, customer service says it looks good and then they deny the claim for the same reasons as before plus this time they added a new document request. 
Has anyone had a positive experience with this program?
if I wanted to get screwed this badly, I’d have stayed with my ex-wife. 
They should have named this program “Submit And Deny”. 

They have terrible customer service! I wanted to see an itemized bill after the autopay was done. The girl in customer service said that I had to wait until the next billing cycle came around to see the bill. I want a to be able to print it off. I have family members that are going to pay for their share. I need to show them in black and white. So I have to wait until the next billing cycle!! That is crap! Also the site said I am not the primary account holder and I have to ask permission. Crap again. She kept trying to tell me “yes, you are the primary account holder.” Then why does the computer keep saying the opposite! I am so frustrated because she could not even navigate the website. Let alone be very unhelpful for the bill! I am wishing I had never gone with TMobile!!!

is any one ever get solving with the Fraud from T moblie? 

some bought 3 Iphone13pro max in my name.