Keep and Switch Fraud

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Anyone else having trouble with TMobile meeting it’s promises. Three attempts now to be reimbursed for iPhone through keep and switch program. I guess they think you will just forget about what they promise you to get you to switch from AT&T. Just a new form of Corporate hot checks….. worst customer service I believe we have experienced…

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Same frustrations- I feel I was totally defrauded and scammed by T-Mobile on their Rebate switch process. I paid 2 iPhones off, paid my final bill, submitted all documentations and got denied. The Texas Attorney General should file suite as he has a good record beating fraudulent Companies and the Federal Government. Total Scam.

wish i had seen this thread earlier. This switching promo seems to be a scam by tmobile. I would have never switched to tmobile if I knew of this.


The store employees sold me a SyncUp Drive November 5th by assuring me the monthly bill would be $5. Actually the monthly service is $15. The store employees refuse to take the device on return because I did not find out the actual cost until 18 days. The employees are not helpful at all. I called your store before I had to go out of state for medical treatments on November 17 and told them my bill reflected a $15 month fee. The Lady I talked to assured me they would correct the bill before it was sent to me. Today the three of them state the service is $5per month. They refuse to allow a return because they state their store will not accept a return beyond 14 days. This is absolutely ridiculous. I am SOOOO sorry that I ever got involved with T Mobile and especially the Branson Missouri Store. I have contacted T-Mobile CS and they assure me your store should accept the return. T-Mobile CS is going to contact you and address this. I know it is tough to get good employees. I will never again purchase from your Branson store and assure you I will spread the word.


On November 21 I filed a complaint with the BBB about your little scam of incorrectly quoting monthly rates. Today I will be contacting the Missouri Attorney General and our local news channel KY3 and report the details of your scam to get additional equipment sold. I will also be starting a campaign on social media about you and your store employees. Your Google reviews are quite helpful to gather a large group of people to complain about your activities. You are a thief and will answer to it!



T-Mobile Bait & Switch -

So I switched my phones from AT&T to T-Mobile with the promise that the phone that I paid off, I would receive you as a promotional reimbursement.  This was at the end of March 2024.    No one mentioned that I needed to print the AT&T bill that showed the balance.  When I paid off the phone, I submitted the receipt amount that I paid. In the receipt it clearly states“ installment plan paid in full”.

but they denied the payment saying they needed to see the last bill.  I am no longer a customer of AT&T and the bill history is not available to me.

I was also told that I would get a $200 promotional rebate for boarding in my numbers.  Which was denied, Because I applied for the keeping switch.  Convenient.


Very shady.