Linking T-Mobile Money Account Through Plaid Service

  • 21 April 2021
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Hi I’m a relatively new T-Mobile Money customer and a long time T-Mobile customer and would like to know if there is a way or if there are plans to all T-Mobile Money customers to link their accounts to services using the Plaid platform?  I understand that T-Mobile Money is a subsidiary of BankMoblie which was a part of Customers Bank, and when I have connect my account through other services by using my ACH information it comes up Customers Bank.  However, if I attempt to use Plaid I cannot log in through Customers Bank or through BankMobile to link my account which is very debilitating in how I use my money.

Are there plans to make this type of connectivity functionable?

21 replies

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I second that request.. sure would be useful for several applications 

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YES PLEASE! If T-mobile wants us to bring more of our money over to them they need to get with the times and allow us to link the bank account to popular apps like PLAID. PLAID is used as a verification source for just about EVERYTHING these days.

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I agree I have crypto I would like to cash out and deposit to my tmoney account!

I would likey tmobile money to work with plaid as well. I would find it extra useful. I really would like to use tmobile as my sole bank but can't due to the many restrictions with so many places using plaid. 

Please make this work asap


Hey folks - Does T-Mobile have any experts or staff responsible for reading and responding to these messages?

MileHiNative made this post a month ago, with several subsequent request, and yet not one person representing T-Mobile has made a comment.

Would someone let me know how this process is supposed to work. At this point, as a new user of this Community, from my end it looks pretty sad.

Appreciate your feedback!

I want to change banks because of not being able to use Plaid, but some places want you to have a history with your bank. So I just keep hanging on hoping they will resolve this. And what's with all the bank names? Sometimes I’ll put in the routing number and I get Urban Trust. Which is now Axiom Bank… 

Add me too this list as well.   Also add me to the list of T-Mobile Money suddenly not sending verification deposits.  


I love that I get my money early the interest and what not, but I need this also work a little bit more like how Simple did. 

I would like to add my voice to this request

+2 for this request from myself and a friend who uses the platform as well

Yes this is a really big inconvenience on my part due to I can’t get on my Venmo or Chime to transfer money

I’ve been evaluating the T-Mobile MONEY checking account, and the lack of this plaid support (or any option to automate payments and transfers) is the only thing keeping me from making this my primary checking account.  Otherwise, the 1% interest is a big selling point.  But not enough to offset the restrictions accessing the money in the account.  Like a daily limit of ach transfer of only $3000 (both in or out) and lack of online integration with services like plaid.  


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There are several limitations using this service from T-Mobile, when I first opted to get checking account I knew about the limitations but I thought they would fix them in future, it's been over a year now no improvements to the services they offer. Can't link through plaid limits remittance from Instagram, can't link it to Mint.

T-Mobile please fix.






Yep this. This lack of usability is killing TMo Money for me. It makes it feel like it's not really a full bank account.