need help with contacting TMobile corporate office

  • 13 August 2021
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Does anyone have a way to contact TMobile corporate offices?

I need to file a complaint already went through all the supervisors with zero help. 

If anyone can help out I would appreciate it otherwise I have to file a complaint with the BBB.


6 replies

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You can try using snail mail in this link.

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for pretty much every site out there if you scroll to the bottom there is usually a “Contact us” selection.


I have several numbers I found online that I am going to try. I am also going to be contacting attorneys in regards to filing a lawsuit with the company. I’ve been with them for 2 weeks-switched from Sprint (who I was with for 10 years) because they promised me I’d be grandfathered in under my Sprint monthly amount only to be billed a much higher amount and basically told yeah we promised you that but it’s not going to happen. And oh yeah, we also promised you a free phone for switching but you’re going to pay for that too. It’s been a NIGHTMARE of hours spent and being constantly lied to and then basically told I’m screwed. 


Spent several hours on hold with the “corporate office” only to have had them repeatedly just transfer me to basic customer service. I’m filing a class action lawsuit for deceptive business practices. I personally know people who also have been screwed by their lies. Anyone who reads this that also wants to go up against them, message me. Customer of only 2 weeks and I deeply regret ever letting them switch my sprint account

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You know that class actions lawsuits only makes the lawyers rich and the people in the class gets very little of the settlement. You’re better off taking them to small claims.

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Email addresses are in the form of "". Go to the investor relations site, you'll be able to find names there.