Not receiving verification texts --NOT using DIGITS

  • 13 July 2018
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I am not receiving verification texts. My bank requires verification and I never receive the texts I have to use email. How do fix this?


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55 replies

I called in and the tech wasn’t able to fix it and escalated it. No blocking is enabled. I can still receive codes from half of my apps/sites (mix of 10-digit and short code numbers) but none from the others (voice call codes still get through fine). This is not my digits line, but that doesn’t work either.

Well I called and the lady took care of it rite away for me she said oh yes I see they are being blocked and she changed the option and rite away I was able to receive the codes

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Not receiving verification texts --NOT using DIGITS


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Still no resolution.  Heading back to att.  Someone from T mobile was supposed to call me this morning but that hasn't happened either.  Basically T mobile relies on the pain of switching to keep clients which is a terrible business model.  I'm headed back to Att who ALWAYS resolves my issue, my calls are never dropped and I get all o fly text messages.  And yes, my cost will go up by $50 a month, but it's WORTH it!  This has been a huge headache, I"m locked out of my account for work, my boss is angry at me and T mobile is NOT addressing the problem.  So yeah, I'm pretty mad.


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Did anyone figure this out yet?

I wasn’t receiving my verification code for H&R Block. I went into the T-Mobile app and used the contact us>chat option. The rep stated it looked like I had a block on for those types of codes so she removed it. I restarted my phone and submitted another request at H&R Block.  Received the verification code and filed my tax return.

I payed my bill and my $80 monthly alloted credit for 3rd party apps didn't reset. So I asked support and they shrugged me off saying it will reset with the cycle on the 14th..  my bill is for the 6th. So for 8 days in the month AFTER I paid my bill, it's not active? Verizon offers $300 dollars credit a month, and they do not make you wait. Part of switching to tmobile was the customer service ratings and the entire ability to have a credit, and since I've been with tmobile I have had text after text not go through,  strange telemarketing calls I never had to worry about boost mobile selling my info, and now this... what am I missing? Should I switch to Verizon? This is crap. I have s21 ultra and I USE WIFI CALLING/TEXTING, and have high speed internet (250+mbps STABLE) PLUS even if I didn't have the wifi calling setting on AND YES IT IS ON PREFERRED, I still have a "great" signal at home with almost full bars. Not only that, while going around my city with full 5G coverage, it does the same thing... PokémonGo app shudders and skips more than my old galaxy A20 from boost mobile. This is all crap and I'm fed up with crap and I will not stop until what I pay for is what I get. 2 thousand dollar phone and a great signal you think would be all you need.. I guess you also need a RELIABLE carrier. I'll definitely be talking to some Verizon agents about switching because it's not like tmobile or sprint or whoever you are are going to change the entire fundamental infrastructure for little me. 🤔 I asked for the best and they gave me the 12GB when there is a 18GB s21... just issue after issue and when I called the store the guy was rude to me as soon as I was getting serious about returning the phone to swap it for the 18GB.. what I asked for in the first place.  I don't know if it's all smoke and mirrors (it is) or if I'm just  and it's normal not to have a 2 grand phone with a good signal all the time fail you and the cycle not to match the billing date. FROM NOW ON I will pay my bill on the 14th when my cycle is renewed, not on the 6th when I get the "hurry pay your bill now or it's late message. 

You have to call to get block removed