Payment History No Longer Has "Print Payment Receipt"

"Payment History" under "Payment Settings" now routes to a new/updated URL:​.

On this new page (the old one was, there is no longer a "Print Payment Receipt" option.

The instructions to do this are outdated as well, as the option no longer exists:

Has anyone figured out how to download receipts after this update?


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Hey @ashmiller

I am super sorry for the inconvenience! This is currently a known issue with the newly redesigned site but our support teams are working on it.

I have the same issue. Is there any way to request the receipts via email? I'm enrolled in Auto-Pay and that was the only way to get my receipts.


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To be honest, it depends on whether the functionality is broken for our internal teams, or just on the MyTMO side! I think it's totally worth reaching out to a member of our T-Force team and asking -- in Twitter DM or Facebook Message we can securely verify your account and take a look. If we're able to download it on our side, then maybe we could shoot it to you via email while they're working to resolve this issue! I myself am paperless, too, so I understand where you're coming from!

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Hey all -- just wanted to check back in here and see if either of you had the chance to contact T-Force and see if there was a way to have a copy of your statement sent via email! 😊 Hope things are going OK.

This has been an issue since last month...and still isn't resolved?!


I know that site development is complex, but is there any way to revert the payment history landing back to the old interface so this functionality is restored while you guys are fixing the new interface?

It has been two weeks and this issue still persists.



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I am terribly sorry @ashmiller but reverting the site is not going to be an option 😥 If you contact our T-Force team as @tmo_marissa suggested, we can see what options are available in the interim.

This has actually been a problem for more than 2 months now.  I have to print a receipt for company expenses and the last time I could actually print a receipt was 5/18/18.  Not exactly stellar performance T-Mobile.  I figure if your actual payment processing broke it wouldn't take you 2 months to fix it, but who cares if it's a customer service portion of payment processing, huh?

I've contacted customer support twice once in June and now in August. They just told me it was removed because of "security concerns". So which is it, you removed the feature or it's just broken?  Either way this is a ridiculously long time to not have a better solution for your customers.  Support told me my only option was to screenshot it.... Horrible

It is now the end of August and this has still not been resolved - this is basic functionality - and you need to Fix it ASAP - I should not have to contact a t-mobile support representative to print my receipt for me.  -  I know T-mobile is bleeding edge in customer service - but even so - I would prefer not to have to contact them for such a trivial item - it wastes my time and theirs. At the very least - depending on the complexity of the fix, T-mobile should be proactively emailing receipts to all Auto-pay customers as when I pay manually I can print at the time of payment - I do not have that option with AUTOPAY. Fix this or figure another way of getting me a copy of my receipt without having to jump through hoops. - THANK YOU

We're now in November and this still hasn't been resolved. Maybe T-Mobile is a company meant for young kids who don't need a receipt, but old professionals are supposed to go somewhere else?

this has not been resolved...

It's outrages. Given how many people needs it, a solution must be provided.

Let's raise this questions to a higher level!

No update for this issue?

A year later and still a problem. I just answered their "survey" as I was clicking around trying to find it. I do this every month. Use to be simple.

Would you be able to help me get a payment receipt?

Same issue here!

Another 5 months have gone by. Still can't download a payment receipt as a PDF. I would like this so that I can easily submit the receipt to work for reimbursement.

Going on 2 years that this functionality has been broken.  When will T-Mobile have this simple, basic, business necessity fixed?


Hey @ashmiller


I am super sorry for the inconvenience! This is currently a known issue with the newly redesigned site but our support teams are working on it.

Has the support team found the ability to provide an old already functioning ability back again in 2020?