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  • 25 December 2019
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Why can't I get text messages from Amazon for account verification OTP to(#8563084006 From didgits line)


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Hey there! I am very sorry but DIGITS does not support shortcodes. In order to receive shortcodes, you will have to have them delivered to the SIM line.

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This info was helpful as the T-mobile phone support rep confirmed the same findings after speaking with their DIGITS tech. 

Honestly, I don’t prefer to expose my SIM phone number to vendors (banks, credit cards, target, etc) due to not knowing who would be selling my mobile number to 3rd parties for solicitation/scam calls.  That said, i would still like to utilize functions that require short codes verification on their app. So it would be great to use DIGITS for that purpose (where can turn off the DIGITS service when I don’t want to be bothered on my phone).  Or are there other options you can suggest?   Also, are there any plans to support shortcodes via DIGITS?  And any reason why such function is not supported by DIGITS?



Is there any way around this? I’m temporarily using digits while I wait for my backordered phone to arrive. In the meantime I need to reset the password to access some accounts that are on my lost phone. Which I can’t do because I can’t receive the text to do so. I needed to change his passwords to ensure that whoever has my phone can’t access that, and also i really can’t afford to go another 1 to 2 weeks with no access to my email and other accounts. 

I have been unable to receive text messages at all on the digits app. 

I can call and receive calls.   I can send text messages but not receive them,  even from real phone numbers.

Hey there! I am very sorry but DIGITS does not support shortcodes. In order to receive shortcodes, you will have to have them delivered to the SIM line.

This makes DIGITS text messaging all but worthless in today’s world.  Short codes are needed as a backup to having to use the SIM.  Please fix tmobile?

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yeah definitely needs to be fixed or feature added. that’s the whole point of it is shortcodes. 

I was able to receive some shirt codes two days later (which not useful) are there any updates on this issue?

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Will digits ever support short codes? I’d like to use digits to have two separate accounts for certain services that only allow one phone number but unable to sign up with digits because they send short codes 

Yes please provide an update on this issue

yes short codes support on digits will be immensely useful

I agree this would be very useful. Just setup a DIGITS line today for my company to have a local number (don’t want to change my main #), and already hit this problem where I can’t use it for accounts because it doesn’t receive shortcode messages.

I agree this sucks and should be remedied. I spent a few weeks trying to figure this out myself and help from my local T-mobile store after purchasing a new phone. They were very helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend they as a store. But, this problem was a new one for them. In the end short codes are not available on my "digits" line (secondary line). Claimed as a security thing. The whole point of having access to short codes on my secondary phone is security so I can securely access my accounts. I can't even get payment updates from T-mobile saying my monthly payment went through. I can't get credit card purchase notifications. Just logging into this forum board right here for this post required me to switch phones just so I can read the short code.

If my secondary phone ("digits line") is registered to me and linked only to my number, authenticated, verified, in person with ID card in hand, and no other device can be linked to my number without me authenticating or approving it, then why can't this work? I don't really understand the security thing. 

Please allow this app to accept short codes and not just a restricted set few unless you can let us (the user/account holder) to specify but on top of that have a default set of short code that can be allowed. This shouldn’t be difficult. What is difficult is the person or persons that decide what the people want. Please listen to what people want! Could use this opportunity to make DIGITs a security feature.


Is there any way around this? I’m temporarily using digits while I wait for my backordered phone to arrive. In the meantime I need to reset the password to access some accounts that are on my lost phone. Which I can’t do because I can’t receive the text to do so. I needed to change his passwords to ensure that whoever has my phone can’t access that, and also i really can’t afford to go another 1 to 2 weeks with no access to my email and other accounts. 

Is it an i phone? You can do some of what your talking about through i cloud (email apps etc). Also you can back it up and then reset it to factory settings remotely so your info is no longer on it at all. 

Have you looked at the T-Mobile privacy waivers (that’s pretty much what having service with T-Mobile is— a waiver for very intimate data mining of everything. Have you ever wondered why it is that you could be having a conversation with somebody and then strangely you’ll pop onto the Internet or maybe even while you’re talking to the person you’ll look at something or glance down at an email and all of a sudden see an advertisement or an article or  something related to the conversation you were just having? Many times it can be simply lack interest or something that caught your eye, but more often than not if you were to be able to see the amount of communication that your phone and your device is due without  your activity but in the background and when you’re not using your phone you would see thousands and thousands and thousands of communications each day going out in between Google analytics which works on behalf of pretty much every company under the sun but the big ones being cellular providers along with Amazon Google Facebook there are the ones that will be basically selling your data to the highest bitter and always have. It’s disgusting and until voters decide that they’re going to elect officials that will  choose to safeguard their privacy we will not have the opportunity to have anything anymore that’s personal and it will only get worse especially with facial recognition and possible biological implants and things of that nature medical records being online. That’s a huge issue. Huge. Especially, considering that T-Mobile has been hacked so many times over even within the past year and not even minor tax we’re talking your Social Security numbers and people who don’t even have accounts anymore or ever did with T-Mobile. And when then they apologize up and down do they do anything to assist you really? They don’t they gave you a Scam Shield complementary. That’s nice of them. Why don’t you invest in the technology to purchase some firewalls to secure your customers data and then offer actual real data security as opposed to giving it lip service. Because frankly the only reason why anybody is with T-Mobile or any other cellular providers because we need service. If we actually had options and maybe one day there will be a company that determines that a privacy of the customer is worth more than the advertising revenue because when a customer pays thousand dollars for a phone and then the apps and the security plans to go along with it and monthly service fees plus taxes out the wise zoo you’re basically leasing your device long-term from your cellular provider and they’re double dipping by selling your data and data mining you so they can market to you further by way of other types of fringe companies and ways that we haven’t even determined or thought of yet but they’re working on it and I hate to sound paranoid but I just had my identity hacked and I cannot identify where the leak came from because every single company has had it that attacked it doesn’t make it OK and it certainly doesn’t make the president of T-Mobile‘s is the CEOs response or any of the reps who frankly don’t have any ability more than you and I to control the situation but the powers that be do they need the lobby Congress and your legislators to basically provide the protections against your data  on your behalf and act as a a arbiter on your behalf with the powers that be and not bow to the highest bitter and not choose alternative methods for satisfying shareholder portfolio value.


(I do get very passionate i because it is wrong. Regardless of intent or “anonymized” data— which it is not since it comes back at you by way of a marketing identifier anyway so it’s still targeted right back-atcha. But the Internet was found to provide a People’s platform it was never meant to be solely an institutional government entity. It was designed not in the capacity that it became but it was meant to be owned by the public and not corporations which took it over and started to treat it like the utility which it was not meant to be. And as a People’s forum for learning and shared interactions and the greater good, the whole do you want to others as you have done onto you golden rule thing that supposedly and hopefully we learned in kindergarten should apply I mean there’s so many reasons why that needs to apply so I’ll get off my May  milk carton here and start preaching but it would be nice one day if I actually got a letter from the “powers that be “outlining things that are actually real that they’re doing to assist their customers but I hardly think that that’s ever going to happen. And I’m gonna apologize for punctuation and such I am mildly-disabled and so I have a hard time typing. But, I really am passionate about this. I agree with y’all wholeheartedly and wanted to elaborate some.)

Bought a line with digits specifically to use for the endless and unnecessary phone number verifications now, only to find the service totally useless because it STILL doesn’t work with short codes. What a ridiculous limitation.

Arghh. Just found this thread. This is a ridiculous shortcoming for the Digits line. I use this for my work number instead of having to carry around a 2nd phone. The inability to get short codes really limits the benefit of a Digits line. 

same, it would nice if they added this.  My phone number is in limbo after trying to transfer eSim.  I thought I could get my text verification code on Digits, but no dice.  If they won’t allow this please provide another option to verify my account for when I don’t have access to my number.

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and T-mobile says????

Had to call in to have them update for me.  I can’t have them send me an email pin and make changes on my own.  So after 8 days of calling and getting different customer rep.  I finally got one from the Alabama call center that was able to figure the issue and get my number working again.

Forget digits and use Google voice they support short codes and is free unlike digits. T-Mobile fix digits so short codes works or paying customers will leave and use Google voice.

Well I needed digits to get my confirmation code that’s tied to my TMO number, which digits can’t do.  I don’t need another line or Google voice, unless you’re saying if I linked my TMO number to Google Voice that I would still get short codes.

Yes if you link you TMO number with the google voice number you will be able to get short codes. You have to link your sim number and not the digits number due to the digits number not working with short codes.

I just did some research and if you want to port your TMO number to google voice it cost $20 but after that you can transfer it to whatever company you want for free since you paid for the first transfer. I will be doing this to save money since T-Mobile dose not want to support short codes for digits numbers.

Digits DOES NOT provide an option to receive codes or phone verification text messages. I am a T-mobile client with an iPhone, and I signed up for digits as if it were an eSIM. Although the Digits satisfies all other options, it does not allow you to receive notification texts or “codes.” I found this very disappointing, as now I understand just to get a code sent to my phone, I will have to purchase an eSIM from T-Mobile, which is only available on a “payment plan” option, and not through me regular T-Mobile account.  Seems like a bait and switch to me regarding the Digits, which is useless for the main thing a lot of people want it for, receiving codes and text verification texts. I like the original commenter, do not want to provide  my “real” private phone number to online, one-time, vendors.