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  • 1 December 2017
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My submission for reimbursement was received at T-Mobile on Sept 27, 2017. 8 weeks have come and gone and still no reimbursement. When I call the number  it said that it is still processing. How can I get in touch with someone with more specific information.


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8 replies

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Hey there!

Our Carrier Freedom team is the best team to help you find an answer! To get to a rep, follow the steps below! 😊


To reach an agent:

  1. Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.
  2. Press 3.
  3. Press 1.
  4. Press 1.

Whoever work in reimbursement department are bunch of liars. I've been calling them every two weeks. They will tell you to keep waiting for another two weeks. This company should be sued for lying to customers.


they told me my picture of my Verizon bill would work. now when I check online it says processing error.  I request callback for 3 straight days have heard nothing.


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That's definitely not what we want to see going on. 😥

Are you following the prompts listed above and speaking to a rep through there that is giving that info?


If u can have someone call me from the reimbursement center that would be

great. Their lack of communication is what's frustrating especially when I

reach out. Ty for ur fast response.


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Hey Dylan!

The reimbursement center isn't able to schedule outbound calls, but if you follow the steps we posted above, it should get you straight to a rep in the reimbursement center!


I agree. This is a fraud company. I have provided all the info they requested and it is still not good enough. A different person comes on the line every time i call them. it is a different requirement every time. Disgusted. Frustrated.

 Today I talked to Joy who called me from 8773118853 and said I need to re-submit my last Verizon phone buy out charges.  Attached please find this bill which I previously submitted.  This is for the reimbursement contract for phones 419 819 9689 and 419 4648763 which we brought into T mobile from Verizon.  The deal is that these two phones will be bought out by T mobile.  We keep the phone and are currently in use under T mobile.  My account with Verizon is ended and I am not able to get any other bill since I can’t access that account.  Please let me know if you need anything else.