T-Mobile Magenta max lines/devices

  • 28 May 2020
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Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is well right now. I looked and I found this question from a few years ago, but I wanted to verify it is still correct and make sure I understand the definitions involved.

How many lines/devices can I have on my Magenta plan? What exactly counts as a line? Phone, iPad, Hotspot, etc.

Example, I currently have 14 "lines". I have 10 phones, 3 iPads, and a Hotspot. How many can I have, and in what combination?

Can I add any more voice lines? What about iPads, hotspots, or watches? I am just trying to understand my options.

Thank you everyone and have a good week.


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This is spot on, it really does depend on your plan and account type. Your best bet is to contact us over the phone or on Facebook/Twitter. They'll be able to look at your account and provide accurate information on what's available for you.

The max number of lines often depends on your particular plan, however, any device that connects to the T-Mobile network directly is considered a "line". For example, a watch that connects to the internet on it's own through data (not wifi) and does not require your phone be connected by Bluetooth to the watch is a "line", while a watch that works only when connected to your phone that is within 30 feet or so is not a separate "line".