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  • 11 January 2021
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I am a sprint customer for about 15 years. I just got a letter in the mail from Tmobile saying I qualify for a over 55 plan and a new Iphone 12. The letter clearly states the phone is zero down and 27.67 a month for 24 months. It has an offer code. I took the letter to my local T mobile store and they at first said since I was a Sprint customer I did not qualify and the letter was a mistake. I called T mobile and the rep said the letter was not a mistake and they didnt know why the store would not honor it. I go back to the store and they now say they will honor the phone plan but not the 27,67 a month for the phone because that is not the full retail price. They were very happy to sign me up for the plan and sell me a phone at full retail which I refused. The store rep told me he would migrate my phone number to T mobile and “try to get this deal for me.” I told him not try, dont use the word try, either you can get me what the letter says or not. When he said no, I left. I feel like this letter is just a bait and switch to try and get people over to T mobile, sign up and then when you discover on the bill that the phone costs more, now you are stuck because you signed an agreement. I am so disappointed in Tmobile. I was a sprint customer for years and never had anything like this happen. 

5 replies

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I’d suggest reaching out to T Force on facebook or twitter. The folks who work that are 

  1. More knowledgeable
  2. More helpful

I’ve interacted with them twice and both times were positive outcomes. Hopefully, they can make this right for you.


After looking at what AT&T offered (30 months for the same rate) I agreed the letter was probably a mistake. OK fine 27.67 for 30 months (full retail for the phone). But THEN the rep said since my phone numbers were coming from a business account, they could only sign me up for a Tmobile business plan for 90 days. Anybody ever hear of this?? The business plan cost twice as much as the 55 essentials plan I wanted. The rep said I shouldnt worry because HE PERSONALLY would credit my phone bill for the next 3 billing cycles and then I could switch over to the consumer essentials 55 plan. They would give me nothing in writing about this credit until I insisted the rep write a letter on their letterhead detailing I was entitled to this credit for 90 days. Doesnt mean much but at least I got something in writing. The next day I call Tmobile and it took about 20 minutes for the customer service rep (a very nice person) to switch me over from my business plan to the Essentials 55 plan. All I had to do was pass a credit check and agree to be personally financially responsible for the account. Thats it. I now wonder if the letter was a mistake and I feel like the store was just trying to get another couple hundred dollars out of me with this “ you have to have a business plan for 90 days before you can switch to a consumer plan”. Anybody ever have to buy a more expensive plan in order to get the cheaper phone plan later on?? I feel like I was taken advantage of.


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Another good thing about T Force on facebook is that YOU have a written record of the chat.

Unfortunately I don’t think they explained things correctly and that’s why there’s confusion. As a sprint customer you technically already are a TMobile customer and do not qualify for the new account deals. I understand you received the mailer and I know how that happened. When eligibility is determined for those mailers it’s based off a system check of if your info is in the database. Being you are on a business plan, there’s different credentials attached to those (FEIN instead of SSN) hence why you got a mailer because they didn’t see you as a current customer based on 55+ being only available on personal accounts with a SSN. Systematically you can be migrated from Sprint to TMobile it keeps the same account type and since it was a business account, it migrates to the same. Then a change of ownership/responsibility would need to be completed to move it to a personal account. 

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@rmilling I was looking for a specific offer that included the 55 plan and an iPhone and wasn’t able to find it. Is it possible this was 2 separate offers? We do have a dedicated offer page for iPhone deals. I’d start there to see if any of those match what’s in the letter. If it’s on that offers page and is still active, you can definitely redeem it.