T-Mobile Shows Hotspot Data Usage When it is Disabled in My Phone Settings

  • 22 November 2022
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the recurring factor im looking at in here is just about every one of you have a S23 and are running into this..with at least one person with a Note 20 i think it was..

If you are using VPN"s.  This can cause the data you are using to be misinterpreted.  Disable the VPN to ensure this doesn't happen.  A third party DNS can also sometimes cause this issue as well.  I have never experiences this issue personally on my s23 Ultra using Cloudfire for all DNS queries.

I use a VPN to block ads. This is unacceptable to me, it should not be counted as hotspot data and I refuse to have advertisements shoved down my throat. 

I upgraded my phone to the 24U and chose to use ESIM. Had the same issues like everyone else, so switched back to physical SIM, which became a whole thing. It did not want to work at first and took way longer to setup (over an hour of customer support troubleshooting) than if I had just stuck with the physical SIM in the first place. I think that solved my issues, even though they tried to convince me that it couldn't be the problem.

Also, T-Mobile support, without my authorization, added a 10gb data add-on to my plan, even though I made it clear MANY TIMES that I did not want any upgrades or add-ons. The add-on was also not listed in managed add-ons and was 5 bucks more expensive than the one we can select for ourselves. Make sure you guys check your account activity as it tells you everything you and T-Mobile does to your account. Also, view your T-Mobile data usage and plan details frequently. Mobile hotspot usage category disappeared from my account after this whole debacle.

I've always sung support's praises since they're usually very helpful and professional, so I couldn't believe what they did to me. While troubleshooting with them not only did they downgrade my plan (which I had to make them correct since they claimed to not know my plan was upgraded FOR FREE from a Simple Choice 6gb to unlimited years ago) they added data without my permission.

For some reason, even though I have an unlimited plan, it still shows my original plan. Usage details does make clear it's an unlimited plan though. Make sure you guys save all your texts, emails, chats, and any other correspondents with them, ESPECIALLY when it comes to changes made. I still have the info from when my account was upgraded to unlimited, so it's grandfathered in, which is not great for them and their pursuit of making more money.

I'm disgusted and furious. If they mess with my account again, I'm closing it and making sure no one I know uses them. There's many more options now.

My problem with the hotspot "leaking" happened since I changed my new phone S24 from S22, so I think the new android OS may conflict with tmobile's hotspot configuration and it caused data usage increasing. I'll try the physical SIM instead of eSim. Will update.

I’m having the same issue.  I have two S23’s and on both mobile hotspot have been disabled.  One shows over 2.5GB used and the other about .5GB.  Searched here and found this thread.  Will call customer support to inform them.  Too bad the Usage report doesn’t show you any details on Mobile Hotspot usage like it does for mobile data.