they said card denied for order but same card is autopay.

  • 11 March 2022
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I ordered a new phone through the website and immediately it was put on hold. I called directly and was assured all was good and gave my card information again. It was confirmed and scheduled for shipping but not yet shipped. It's now 6 days later and in the middle of the night my order was cancelled.  This company is so unprofessional.  I had to call again and the rep was very nice and understanding. So I placed the same order again. Gave the card info and it was denied because shipping and billing address didn't match card according to computer. So I asked rep to read me both addresses. Guess what...they were exactly the same. Rep and I were confused. Bottom line I have to try and get it at store since T-Mobile computer can't process my order. And no one knows how to fix it. We'll see if same thing happens there. How is this company still in business? 

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I am in almost the exact same sitution. Ordered a S22 Ultra on March 13th online after my local store informed me that there were no devices in my metro area and they told me to go to the website. Place my order and got the message that it would ship by March 24th. On April 5th I contact customer service through the chat and the rep says they are on backorder and I should check back in a few weeks. I contact customer service on April 30th and they informed me my order was never processed. Which is odd because I have been getting emails asking me to rate my device on the website. The rep tells me order again online and she will see if it goes through. But now I am being required to pay $900+ down and not $0 down. So the agent tries to place it for me and she tells me I need to pay $700+ today. I couldn’t believe it. So finally I ask my rep if it is possible it not allowing us to place the order as $0 down because I already have an order in the system. She said it is possible but my order was never processed, but I explain but I still have an order number and I am getting notifications about the order. She tells me to cancel the order, which it will not let me to do on my end. So she reaches out to the order team to manaully cancel it. After an hour on the phone and 2 hours dealing with this issue she told me to check in 3 days if the order was canceled and to go to the store and buy a phone. So basically back to where I started. 

TL;DR: T-Mobile’s website, ordering system, and customer service training sucks and I will probably no longer be a customer in 7 days. 

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Just a FY I transactions can be denied by your card service as your balance could be too high to accept the amount in question. The auto pay can still go through because it does not make you exceed your spending limits.

That is not what happened at all. I have an order stuck in the system that no one can process or cancel. 

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I can confirm there are problems when ordering online. I had an order in “processing” for a week and when I called to ask what the delay was, the TMO rep told me my credit card declined the charge and they will try again in 4-5 business days. That sounded plausible since that would give me time to get it straightened out with my credit card company. However, I never received a fraud alert from my credit card and when I called my credit card company, they had no record of an attempted charge. I was 99% sure this would be the case because I never got an alert that I had a transaction over $500 which I setup on my credit card alerts.

A couple days later I get an alert that a transaction over $500 was authorized and of course that was finally the charge for my phone and it shipped the next day.

I don’t believe the TMO reps actually know all the reasons why an order didn’t process because a lot of errors can happen. They are trained just to give the “most likely” answer.

Also to this day, nobody at TMO could tell me why UPS left out an entire line on my shipping address which resulted in a “not deliverable” because UPS tells me that is the address they got from TMO (which I believe). When the TMO rep brings up my order, the missing address line is clearly on the order and my order confirmation copy. No explanation of how this could happen. Fortunately, they recalled the order from UPS and sent me a replacement order.