tmobile tues athletic subscription?

  • 18 August 2021
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hello all! this week in the t-mobile tuesdays app there’s an offer for a free 6 month subscription to the athletic with instructions on how to redeem. you install the app, which i did, then click redeem, which takes you to an athletic webpage telling you to download the app and then click redeem, which i had already done. the t-mobile page mentions that the deal is for a redemption code for a digital subscription, but i don’t know where the code could be found. if anyone knows how to actually redeem this offer, that would be really helpful! thank you!!

7 replies

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Sorry you’re having trouble with this, but redeeming this one shouldn’t require a code. Sounds like you’re trying to redeem this on an iPhone. Since you already have the app installed, try closing all the browsers and the Tuesdays app. Give your phone a restart, then go back into the app to redeem the offer. Click redeem, then see if it routes you back to Athletic page and see if you can click “Get offer” without being prompted to install the app. Could be something on the back end that didn’t recognize you have the app already.

Same issue for me. Tried to restart and deleted the apps,still opening up Safari and not the athletic app. 

I tried to redeem the 6 month subscription and instead it charged me $77 for the full year. I had already redeemed last years 1-year subscription but that had run out. I wonder if the 6 month subscription offered this week was for new customers only 🤷‍♂️. Anyone else have this issue?

Same exact issue. I downloaded the Athletic app for the first time, go back to TMobile Tuesday app, click “Redeem” and then it opens up in a web browser saying I need to download The Athletic app. Wack sauce… Now the time will run out in next 7 hours with no fix in sight

Same thing happened to me. Had to get Apple to refund my $72. Clearing out and deleting app, restarting phone didn’t work. Interestingly, upon reinstalling, The Athletic app itself was advertising its own 6-month free offer. I clicked on it to redeem it, but the in app purchase page it took me to offered no such option.

I finally gave up on T-Mo and poked around a bit and was able to use this (completely unrelated) link to get a 6-month subscription for $1/month:





My redemption ran into the same problem, then disappeared from “my stuff” .

Tuesdays should re-work this, and offer it again, with the mess fixed, please!


I followed the instructions and I ended up paying for a 1 year subscription.  I was on the original 1 year free subscription and I canceled it before I had to renew so I had the app already installed.  When I clicked redeemed for the 6 month renewal it looked like renewed the subscription for the full 1 year. When I checked my renewal on my iphone it says I am on the Tmobile Tuesday Annual (1 Year) for 71.99, which renews on Aug 17, 2022 and not free for 6 months.  I’m going to cancel as I am not the only person with this issue. 

I just checked the app and it says the offer was redeemed.  So I’m not sure why I was charged the 1 year subscription fee.  If the offer worked my renewal should be 6 months from Aug, when I redeemed and not 1 year.  The Athletic is great but not at that price.