Why do I have 5G at home sometimes, but mostly not?

  • 20 May 2020
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I sometimes have 5G at home, but it goes away after an hour or so. I get it more often upstairs, but it has happened all over the house. I understand why it comes and goes when I'm in the car, but I can't understand why it would be inconstant when I'm stationary.


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9 replies

It would be impossible to answer without knowing where you are located and what phones you are using.

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5G is for data only currently.  If your device is downloading, streaming, or something consuming a lot of data, then it will stay on 5G.  If it is sitting idle, it will drop down to 4G LTE. 

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It's hard to tell without looking at your location. That can depend on line of site and how strong the coverage is in that area. We can have our Tech team look and file a Service Complaint if needed.

Thanks for your reply.

I live at XXXXXXXXXXX, Austin, TX 78749.

I'm using a Samsung S20+ 5G, so I should be able to receive 5G in all three



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Were you able to test out syaoran's suggestion and see if the icon shows back up when using the data connect? Let us know!

I was happy to read this, but it proved inaccurate. After my last firmware

update, I had 5G service for over an hour, but the phone was mostly just

sitting there. Then it went back to 4G and I haven't seen 5G since. I

actually don't do much besides downloading - FB, Twitter, email, Google,

Kindle, Maps. I message some, but only talk on the phone a few times a week.

The phone's a S20+ 5G, so I should be able to get all bands. I live in

78749, between Brodie and Mopac and between Wm Cannon and Davis.

I'm not complaining, I just don't understand technologically why that would

happen. There can't be much load on your 5G towers yet, so I would think

T-mobile would rather have me on them.

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Thank you for testing, I didn't see anything that says 5G turns off for calls so I wanted to be sure. I'm pretty sure we use a similar technology to VoLTE to send the calls as data over our network, because I have a test V60 that didn't switch off of 5G when I made a call. Most likely the 4G LTE network signal is stronger and the 5G signal is weaker, so it connects to the stronger signal for a better experience and less battery drain. You could test that by walking outside your house, the 5G signal would get stronger and the device should switch over.

If not, you'll want to contact us over the phone or on Facebook / Twitter. We'll want to double check that there aren't any issues going on in your area, perform a few more troubleshooting steps, and file a ticket for signal issues.

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Were you able to see if it switch back over outside or contact one of our Experts? Let us know what happened!