why is my number registered to some else?

  • 1 December 2021
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My husband's battery died, so called roadside for help,  the tech ask for some else,  we keep getting text and phone calls for the same person,  so i did a reverse phone lookup and my number comes up listed to the same person, TMobile has no answers , how about you guys any suggestions  on how to fix it?

4 replies

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It has to do with the way that name caller ID information is distributed and managed in the US. When you call someone, the only information that is transmitted to the other end is the phone number, not the name. When you sign up for service, your carrier should broadcast a message to all the other carriers and interested parties that says “Phone number XXX is associated with name YYY”. The other carriers then are supposed to update their number-to-name lookup table. When the other carrier receives a call from number XXX they can display name YYY. That’s how it’s supposed to work but the system is prone to error because not everyone updates their databases when they get the messages and old information gets left in the file. The only thing T-Mobile can do is to rebroadcast the correct information and hope the other lookup tables update the information. T-Mobile doesn’t have a stick to beat them with to make them update the information in their databases.

Suggestions: First look in your T-Mobile account information to make sure that the names listed with each phone line are correct. Call Customer Service and ask them to repropigate you Caller ID listing. Wait a month to see if it takes effect. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

Good luck.

Yeah I just contacted support because my number is registered under someone else…  A daycare center recently added me to their app that they use for communications and it immediate sent a welcome note in email and text with the wrong name.  I went to a store this weekend and my number came up again as the wrong person.  I asked the support person to repropigate my number and they clearly didn’t understand the ask.  She said the person may have went to the same stores as I have.  I might be able to believe that but that doesn’t explain the app having the name incorrectly.


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