Why no deals for long time customers?

  • 24 November 2017
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I am so tired of only seeing deals for new customers or only those that add a line. We have been t-mobile customers for 15 years and have all the lines we need. Why shouldn't we be able to just walk in and take advantage of advertised deals instead of spending tons of time on the phone trying to get elevated to a special department?

42 replies

So since October 2020 they are running a special on samsung 8.4 tablet if you add a new line... I have 2 tablet lines and so I would now have to pay for 4 lines to get promo that is 100 a month, wow really! So 100 at 24 months is 2400 so the tablet that is just under 300 would be 1400 each out if pocket and that's crazy I can by gaming laptop cheaper, I have been with them for about 20 years

LOL. LOYALTY? I paid them for over 7+ years and when I have a problem they’re like LOL we don’t care. We’ll create a ticket that doesn’t fix the problem and only tell you the truth after you paid.

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Loyalty doesn't hold the same meaning as when I was growing up. The idea is to not focus on the fish you caught but the ones getting away. It's like the 5G and 4G LTE coverage map. That map isn't for us and I'll be showing an example below, because we know it's not accurate. But rather it's to bring those other fish, those thinking about another carrier to the boat. You loyal customers can't be bothered with we got fishing to do. They've ramped up their advertising and customer service but not their data and cell service. It's a shame because I like T-Mobile waaaay more than the other 2 big boys in the sandbox but there is a price to pay for loyalty. It's a dog eat dog world and the only thing that really works is speaking with your dollars.

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The only way T Mo can afford to give away devices is to get more customers/revenue, i.e. lines. Several of you say you already have all the lines you want or need. So the only other way to expand customer base is for TMo to lure customers from other carriers with free stuff.


Check it out, the competition is doing the same thing.

You do get offers.


tmo tuesdays

every uncarrier announcement

free lines


added data threshold


There are trade in deals deals without adding lines


Just have to stay abreast of offers.

None of those deals help me. It might be a huge thing for someone else but not for me. Right now, due to health issues I was forced into retirement so I can’t afford a new iPhone or a new android device.

No ☆'s here..

I've been a T- Mobile customer on and off since the beginning.  I've been back now for 2 decade or so.

I've been extremely frustrated with T-Mobile for a while now.

T-Mobile doesn't seem to want to offer any great promotions to existing customers (only new customers,  or people who have the need for an added line).



Exactly, you see all these deals with new customers and we as old customers being with them for over 10-15 years are paying more than the fresh new people, the relationship will end eventually.


Been a Customer for 31 years, still waiting for a deal

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There's deals but you need to look for them but if you want an iPhone those are few and far between.

Try going to a Best Buy to see what they are offering.


Want a free phone , like I can get if I leave t-mobile, Im a senior and a veteran 31 years

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Tmobile offers free phones with bill credits but the top of the line iPhones aren't one of them







15 + years with T-Mobile never got any deal or free phone autopay bill on time now its time to move to different carrier, company don’t care anymore for existing customer now this loyalty will be shopping for new carrier on thanksgiving deals.



Because they suck.  I hate T-Mobile and am looking to switch to another carrier ASAP!

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I can't wait until they next shiny deal and all these people complain they can't get the deal. Keep that same energy. I'll see you in their forums 😀

The deals suck now they no longer cater to long time customers every deal is aimed for new customers or add a line promotions. They used to cater to their long time customer. I'm at that age group now that I am not a transient. My line is attached to my life. I would like a deal that raise my bill an additional $30+ because i added a line. at first i fell for the trap. Now i am looking to be a new customer somewhere else so i can lower my bill. This is basically like the contracts of old which ppl are trying to avoid. Trade in your old phone isn't a value either. I have been a customer since i was 16 left 1ce to sprint for 3 months but tmobile customer on and off for almost 20 years. Honestly I think i may go to another company soon that buys out my line promotion contracts