with auto pay can I pay before its due

  • 25 February 2017
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with autopay can I pay my bill early before autopay comes due?


Best answer by tmo_chris 3 March 2017, 19:43

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You can, but then when the autopay date comes, you'll be charged again.

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Great question! AutoPay automatically deducts funds from your chosen payment method (bank account or credit card) about two days before the bill due date and applies them to the account as a payment. If you pay early, you will not have AutoPay apply for that cycle unless the full amount was not covered. If any balance remains, AutoPay will only deduct the current remaining balance.

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‌This is the reason I stopped autopay. I was set up and paid early and double charged. I was not credited. The second charge applied to the next cycle. I removed autopay so that I could pay when I needed rather than on a set date or range of dates.

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That is super weird! I know autopay will deduct the money 2 days before the payment is due so there may have been a timing issue but we have a payment refund process for instances like that when you are double charged. The system will not actually allow 2 payments for the exact same amount within a 24 hour period but if the payments were 24 hours apart, it is totally possible to make 2 payments. The payment refund process is not automatic however so this would have been something you would have had to call in about 😥

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I did call in.  But was refused the refund.  Which, by the time I got it, I would have paid the bill again, so I let it slide and un-enrolled.

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Ahh man, I am sorry about that 😥 That is definitely not the way things should have went down.

Yo, on the real, though, at least “ tmo_chris “ is being a beyond exceptional representative of the company, [which by the way he’s been speaking, I’d have to assume,] he’s employed by; and therefore, (whether by choice or not, whether you want to be or not,) are a “default representative” as well as a brand/company ambassador for the [insert your employer here-  to compare and possibly improve our operations- with a bit of mutual criticism, a little teamwork, and mutual suggestions to your possible similar situations] aforementioned employer. Other companies, (especially corporations as large and as dominant as T-Mobile, [within their own respective industries and markets, of course,] who just SUPER recently became even more dominant and powerful- by either acquiring/merging/or maybe even flat out purchasing another GIANT brand within their industry- SPRINT. THAT particular move, increased the control and power of this disgustingly gigantic corporate monster, arguably soon to transform into something even worse...that of a legit evil monopoly, (which as I’ve come to loosely understand the certain/particular/different definitions of the word ‘monopoly,) is a terrible thing for all various varieties of economies out there, it essentially kills the “free enterprise” theme (for lack of a better word,) that America was so proud to boast and brag about for such a long time…! My apologies on the rant; but any company...large or small, would be the luckiest to have an employee on their payroll like “ tmo_chris “ as he’s [seemingly] the last of a dying breed- folks that not only realize they are fortunate to have a job in this climate- period, but are also happy, (or do a great acting job to fool folks into making them think they’re happy,)  to have that job...ANY JOB, to be getting a steady paycheck. And the bonus of that super positive sentiment and feeling of security of having that impossibly matched confidence of positively knowing you’re in a situation, [situation(s) of ALL kinds, really good posture-improving type of confidence creating situations, lol, 😂] that you’re fully capable of being a grown ass man and being able to sufficiently provide for your family- and no one wants for anything. THATS it right there. Keep working like you love your job, “ tmo_chris, “ because it’s cats like you- like when I’ll remember reading this thread sometime in the future, and recall how positive you represented yourself and your company, that end up making me stay with t-mobile after having an awful phone call customer service experience; or just 2 days ago, being in a local T-mobile store… This girl behind the counter, (she couldn’t have been any older than 16 or 17,) had the absolute [almost] WORST attitude I’ve had the “pleasure” of dealing with- through previous customer service situations; and I can very confidently say, she was one of the rudest individuals I’ve ever had to interact with...EVER. Like she was surprised/bummed/mad/sad/and like almost depressed, (all simultaneously, mind you,) that I dared even having chosen to enter this particular retail establishment where she...”worked…?” (That’s the loosest definition of work ever either, btw.) SO… After this WAY too long of a story made short, T-Mobile/Sprint/whomever else you currently are at the moment, you’re beyond fortunate to have an employee like, “ tmo_chris, “ you need to do whatever it takes to retain this gentleman as an employee within your company; and then make it a TOP priority within your conglomerate of corporations, to hire AS MANY employees with similar values and as serious/strong/& as dedicated of a work ethic as “ tmo_chris “ possesses. 

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You could of used some paragraphs to break up your rant and lost me midway.

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Actually, if you have a set amount you are charged each month, you can set up autopay to charge your account (bank or credit card) that amount on any day of the month you wish. Mine charges 4 days early, texts me that it paid, (warns me by text for 3 days to add money to my account for no apparent reason), then happily pays my bill with the funds and relaxes for the next 25-27 days. :wink:

Don’t choose the first option under the autopay set up page. Choose the second option - how much to pay (not including tax and fees), the day on the calendar you want it to pay & your account information. It’s easy! :grinning:

So, a related question now that things have changed.  What if I make an early payment using a credit card, but leave $5 on there for the autopay to get from my checking account on the due date?  Will I still get the auto-pay discount?  I would try this out for a month but that would be a $25 mistake if it doesn’t work.