Any one else getting "Configuration Notification" messages?

I keep receiving sms messages from short code number with the following text:
Configuration Notification. Your MMS Service Settings have arrived. Open the configuration message and save the settings.
the messages never contain settings  or an attachment which I would not have trusted anyways

I have received them from the following short codes: 909, 5129, 5126, 5128, 5127. I'm using a one plus 3t and I have verified I am using the correct messaging settings as per


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ow do I disable/block this CN  from phone setting?  I am sure my fixing just temporary fixing, cause it looks a bug of IPhone, more like a virus

I recently started getting notifications:

No Voice service

Temporarily turned off by your carrier


What does this really mean and is it something that needs to be fixed...

On a Samsung Z Flip3 as well and have had these nonstop since activating this device. Simply switched out my sim from my previous phone to this one and the messages started on the first day and continue. I select Install, get the message “Installation complete” and less than a day later I get the same text and prompt.

Oops it really gets out of hand !!
I'm with an iPhone 12 and it does not stop I'm really going crazy
It seems to me that there is no choice but to do a reset to the manufacturer data unfortunately.
The fear is that I will make a backup and then it will back up and the fault will come back what do they say?

Received 12 messages the last 4 days. Galaxy z flip 3. 

@tmo_amanda not sure if you’re still active here but this seemed like the most relevant thread. I wanted to take a step back and ask - How can I verify that an OTA update is legitimate and originating from T-Mobile?

Please see


Is this a possibility on the T-Mobile network?

Is there ever a NEED to accept an OTA update? Or can I achieve the same results by manually updating APN settings?


I've been getting these "Configuration Notifications" a few times a day for the last several weeks when I made a system update. Is there any fix for these?

For me, moving the Sim slot 1  made the messages stop. I had my sim in slot2 originaly.

Was this ever resolved? I still have this issue

Hi - became T Mobile member yesterday and put sim on my OnePlus3T which also has AT&T sim...

since then many of the messages are described above... is there a solution yet?

Ticket # 21415696

I am getting more messages these days. How to stop these?

My case links to this.

I have IPhone 6s Plus and with Mint mobile previously. I switched to T-Mobile and my IPhone keeps running into "No service" every 1 or 2 days. Whence this thing happens, no way to get t mobile service back unless I restore the IPhone through I-tune.

I struggled to fix this problem with no result, Apple store tested my phone and said no hardware failure at all.

Then I took out the Sim from IPhone and plug back to my old Android phone, immediately I got this CN messages. So I starts to doubt that this message is the caveat that turn my iPhone into a status that rejecting T Mobile service.

To test it, I put SIM card back to iPhone, and reset network, the iPhone restarts the network searching, when it ran into "no service" results, take out SIM to Android phone and get CN message immediately, again.

So obviously this CN message caused IPhone lost services from T-Mobile.

I have another IPhone 7, switched from t-mobile service from Mint, but no problem.

I compare these two phones setting one by one, and solved the problem, no more CN message at all.

1. Remove the T-Mobile Sevice App

2. Disable iMessage / Facetime service, if you had iPhone before, you may get this CN through iMessage..

3. Plug in Mint SIM card back to IPhone, can go to APN setting page, hit reset. This will clear Mint services left over message.

After doing that, so far my IPhone works fine. No more "No Service" status.

Further question ? How do I disable/block this CN  from phone setting?  I am sure my fixing just temporary fixing, cause it looks a bug of IPhone, more like a virus, if anyone send this bad CN message to IPhone, IPhone will lost carrier service.

Today is the first time I started receiving these messages.

Numbers I'm getting them from:


Phone:OnePlus 3

These started happening after I switched my primary sim from my TKS sim (German phone provider) to my T-mobile sim and turned off my TKS sim.

(edit: for clarification, my phone has dual sim cards)

(edit2: my phone is rooted, if that makes any difference. Still running OxygenOS)

Please let me know if I need to submit a ticket.

I got this same message. I switched to an older phone, when I switched back, I got the message. I accepted the configurtinco change and never got another message.

Having exactly the same issue as everyone. Started getting these in early July, which is when I switched back to my T-Mo sim after traveling. It has not relented since, still get about 15-20 per day. Am using OnePlus 3. Short codes 5125, 5126, 5127, 5128, 5129, 909.

@ @tmo_amanda I was never given a ticket number but I've been in touch with Miranda from your support team for at least the past 2 months. Have tried blocking the short codes, blocking all short codes, blocking short codes for family line, switching phone (tested on iPhone), switching SIM, switching SIM to slot 1. Nothing has worked.

Just switched my sim card from slot #2 to #1. Hopefully, the annoying messages will stop now. On 8/29, I received almost 100 of them in 2-3 hours while I was about 15 miles away from where I live. T-Mobile, please do something about it!!!

I switch sim locations and I have not received any configuration messages since August 24th.

Started yesterday on my iPhone X from 512-7, 8, 6, 9.  I have received 7 messages so far today.  Happy to help troubleshoot and add my number to the ticket.  Thank you.

I had a SIM go bad on Saturday and had it swapped out then these messages started flowing.  However, I’m using an iPhone X unlike everyone else who is using an Android device.  What’s really odd is that I have a Galaxy Note 9 on another line and I have digits enabled on it to receive calls and texts from the iPhone X’s number.  It appears that when the Note 9 is turned off, I no longer receive these message on the iPhone X.  Totally strange...

I suspect my issue may be related to a Digits configuration hung in the switch and throwing error codes to my iPhone number but what do I know....

Hi! Adding to this thread to ask where I can make a ticket for this same issue.

I got the exact same messages on my One Plus 3t. I tried switching messaging apps but that was not the issue. I'm going to try switching the SIM card slots and see if that works.

Amanda,will you pm me, and also tell me where to open a ticket so I can get in the queue?

These messages just keep coming.

I have never switched Sims either and getting daily messages from these same numbers. 909,5125-29

I called t mobile few weeks ago, never got a ticket number since t mobile did not acknowledge it's a problem from their side.

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Any one else getting "Configuration Notification" messages?

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I haven't switched (or even touched) the Sim card on my phone (OnePlus 3T) but I have received configuration notification messages. I have received multiple messages from these numbers: 5125, 5126, 5127, 5128, 5129 & 909. The last multiple messages from the numbers ending in 27 & 28 I received August 10th. All these #s are blocked. Thanks for trying to help us out.

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The sim card is not the culprit for my receiving the messages either. I do not move my sim card, yet I began receiving the configuration messages on July 9th. After calling support, I was told to remove and replace the sim card. This had no effect; configuration message still came in at about one dozen a day. I eventually simply gave up on calling T-Mobile, relied on this thread for additional information, and turned off text notifications in exasperation. That was over a month ago. The messages have suddenly stopped, though, with the last one received on July31st. I even turned my text notifications back on two days ago.

The last time I contacted OnePlus, they also suggested to move the sim card from one slot to the other, and since then, I have not received any more configuration messages.