Any one else getting "Configuration Notification" messages?

I keep receiving sms messages from short code number with the following text:
Configuration Notification. Your MMS Service Settings have arrived. Open the configuration message and save the settings.
the messages never contain settings  or an attachment which I would not have trusted anyways

I have received them from the following short codes: 909, 5129, 5126, 5128, 5127. I'm using a one plus 3t and I have verified I am using the correct messaging settings as per


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I have the same phone and am going crazy cos of these messages. I am getting like 20 messages a day! I chatted with the T-Mobile customer care and they said it's got nothing to do with their network. As per them these messages are sent by the phone manufacturer.

I am also getting hammered by these messages for the past few days, and also have a OP3T.

the OP3T is from OnePlus, not HTC.

And unfortunately no, enabling/disabling wifi calling is not stopping the messages.

I've had wifi calling off for several days and still get ~6 of these messages per day from short code 5125, 5127, 5129.

That's correct, not wifi calling related as was suggested. I am still getting these messages from the same numbers after enabling wifi calling for a few days as I had previously had this disabled. I'm not sure what other information would be useful to troubleshoot this.

My wife suggested blocking the number so I did but I also decided to report them as spam. Haven't received a single message since and my service is working perfectly.







I've had a similar issue since July 9th. I turned off texts reporting notifications to reduce the amount of times my phone alerted me. I'm still receiving notifications, just not getting texts anymore. The notifications are "Configuration Notification." T Mobile Tech Dept. has not been able to figure this out. I have an Alcatel Pop4Plus. I have not been traveling. The only activity on the phone before these notifications were sent was my alarm going off that morning.  See below for what I'm receiving:

What djsnd is writing makes sense to me. I just replaced my OnePlusTwo with Essential Ph-1. I described how removing a non-T-mobile sim-card from OPT's slot 1 and placing the t-mob sim from slot 2 to slot 1 cured the crazy number of "Configuration Notification" messages problem.

Now, when I placed the same t-mobile sim in the new Essential I got exactly one "Configuration Notification" message almost immediately, but no more messages in just over 24 hours..

I do not have the time/energy to test all possible combinations, but it seems that we are converging on what is going on here.

Hi All,

I wanted to report back that since the week of July 18th I have not received any more of these messages. I did two things that week; The first was to place an FCC spam request and the second was to move my sim card from sim2 to the sim1 position in my OnePlus 3T.

Just now I decided to test this and switched the sim back to sim two and placed back in the phone. Within a minute of doing so I received two config messages. I'm going to leave the sim in the second slot for a day or two and see how many if I receive more of these messages.

Amanda you can pm me, and also tell me where to open a ticket so I can get another one in the queue.


I switch sim locations and I have not received any configuration messages since August 24th.

Received 12 messages the last 4 days. Galaxy z flip 3. 

I am having this exact same issue from my OP 3. Do you have WiFi calling enabled? I'm worried its a protocol issue between what tmobile is using vs OP.

I have wifi calling disabled on my device.

Same here, OnePlus 3 with WiFi Calling disabled. Enabling WiFi calling shuts it up for me.

I am going crazy with these messages. I have a custom rom and I could not find wifi enabling feature on it.

I've enabled wifi calling lastnight, however I got a fresh batch of them today. I'll see if it might settle this down after a day or so.

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Hey Everyone!

Thanks for putting this on our radar -- this is the first I've heard of the issue going on specifically with the HTC OPT3. It sounds like enabling/disabling WiFi calling has helped, is that right? Please keep me updated so I can pass along this information.

I'm getting a ton of these as well. Wifi calling enabled or disabled doesn't matter.

One plus3t as well.

I received the first one on July 9th and similarly receive many messages a day. I had activated a second sim card (Indian carrier) and when I deactivated the messages started.

OnePlus 3T

5129, 5127

Ugh.. 7 of these in the last half hour.  How to make it stop.. considering a factory reset later today.

I factory reset my OP3T before sending it in for repairs.  The first day I had it back was June 26 and I got two messages (5129 and 909).  Then none until July 11 when the bombardment began.  I don't know if it's relevant ,but I had traveled from Baltimore back to NC on July 10.  Furthermore, while my OP3T was getting repaired, I had my SIM card in another phone.  When I put the SIM back, I put it into SIM 2 rather than SIM 1.  Again, Idk if it's relevant.  I'll try switching it back to SIM 1 later today to see if that helps.  I'm also using the default app for SMS.  Hopefully somebody can figure this out bc it's annoying !

Hi Amanda,

Can T-Moble assist us with identifying the source of these messages? They all seem to be coming from the same sms short codes, if we could identify who may own them it may be helpful. If any additional information is required please let me know.




- I'm also in NC

- SIM in SIM2

- recently switched to the new google messages (so I could access over the web)

- Have turned Wifi Calling on/off with no clear effect

- Have disabled VoLTE with no obvious impact

Last night I switched my SIM from 2 to 1, and I haven't had any messages since.  Granted ,I usually only get them during working hours ,but that's none in six hours.  Hopefully it keeps up. 

I didn't change anything, but it's been 26 hours since I got the last message.  Fingers crossed that it stays off.